Saturday, 11 December 2010

U12A 26-0 Boardman & Eccles [11th Dec]

Onondaga Cup first round
The U12A cruised through their cup game against a very weak Boardman & Eccles team.

U12B v Wacs [11th Dec]

Onondaga Cup preliminary round.
Wacs failed to show up for the game, so the U12B team claimed a walkover to progress to the first round proper of the Cup

U14 16-1 Norbury [11th Dec]

Saturday, 27 November 2010

U14 6-15 Cheadle [27th Nov]

U12A v Stockport [27th Nov]

Game cancelled due to weather

U12B 2-11 Wilmslow [27th Nov]

U16s Match Report Sat 27th November vs Wilmslow

A good solid performance from the boys against Wilmsow. Nathan, in goal, kept a clean sheet - well done and thanks for helping us out. The defence were on good form, particularly in the first quarter which helped get an early advantage along with the first few goals from Alex and Tim in the first quarter.

Goals & Assists:
Alex continues to go from strengh to strength scoring 3 goals as well as assisting in at least 1
Tim got 3 and also assisted in at least 1
Cam got 1 in and assisted in 1
Myles was on good form getting 3 in the back of the net
Charlie M and Toby picked up 1 goal each
Other assists were from Joe, Ged and Charlie M.
Final Score 12-0


Wednesday, 24 November 2010

All Lacrosse Teams - Immportant!!

Donations are needed for the Chocolate Tombola for the TLC Xmas Fair on Saturday 18th December at the club.

Please bring donations to the club every Weds training sessions and / or Saturday match days and leave at the club.

Many thanks,


Saturday, 20 November 2010

U12A 26-5 Cheadle [20th Nov]

Another good win for the U12A. Cheadle had two or three players who posed some problems, but ultimately we simply overwhelmed them, scoring at least 6 goals in every quarter.
Cheadle didn't have a full team so the game was 8 a side. This caused us an issue or two at the back where we only had two defenders, but gave the midfield and attack huge amounts of room to play in, and score some great goals.
The lesson to be learned from today is the need to mark more closely when defending, and to not allow your opponent to drift into space. Early on this was a problem but we saw an improvement during the match which was gratifying to see.
The attack cashed in today on the goalscoring front, but this was only due to the hard work from the rest of the team. The quality of the passing and the movement to create the chance is just as important, and we did this really well today.

Loveland 7, Hunn 5, Kinghorn 5, Cox 4, Crosby 2, Townsley 1, Wasim 1, Williamson 1

U12B 2-4 Norbury [20th Nov]

U14 7-7 Mellor [20th Nov]

Timperley U16 Match Away at Cheadle Saturday 20th November 2010

Another sunnny Saturday morning and another away match - this time at Cheadle. Once our hosts had worked out what pitch we were to play on, the game got underway and it wasn't long before Timperley scored. A strong first quarter saw Timperley leading 6-0.
We kept a clean sheet for the 2nd quarter too with Barney saving a rare couple of shots from an increasingly weary Cheadle team, first half score 14-0. James came on as Goalie for the second half and despite a early shot that just crept in to our goal, Timperley held back the home team to this single score. Meanwhile Timperley maintaned it's scoring rate ending the 3rd quarter at 20-1 and then achieving the final score of 25-1. Although a poor effort from Cheadle, we saw good discipline from the Timperley boys as well as improved handling on grass - much better than last week at Mellor in very similar conditions.

A few Stats;

Toby 6 goals 4 assists
Myles 6 Goals 2 assists
Jack 4 Goals 1 assist
Dan 1 Goal
Cameron 2 Goals 3 Assiss
Charlie E 1 Goal
Nathan 2 Goal
Alex 3 Goals 1 assist
Charlie M & Tom 1 assist each

Next week Home vs Wilmslow - and to ensure we keep up this progress on grass we may play on grass at TLC - so bring boots too.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

U16s Boys Away at Mellor Sat 13th November 2010

Away at Mellor

Mellor are an improving team, beginning to bite at the heels of Sheffield & Brooklands. They showed us at the 6 a side, that they could put up a good show, beating us in the final 3-1.

Well - it was a close run thing with both teams putting up a good effort. However, Mellor generally lead throughout resulting in a 13-10 win.

Myles, Cameron and Toby scored 2 a piece with Nathan, Dan, Charlie M and Joe getting 1 each. Cameron & Toby provided 2 assists with Tim & Charlie M getting 1 assist each.

In conclusion - a steady performance - we could have won but we lost momentum through struggling with ball skills on the lumpy grass and not putting in the extra effort that a good opposition and a sticky pitch demands.

Finally, on pitch and side line discipline needs to be improved - all calls must go through the coaches (off side calls etc). We must direct our energies at good game play - not shouting at fellow players or at the coaches.

Paul Peachey

U12A 22-1 Brooklands [13th Nov]

This was a fine win against our local rivals Brooklands. The A team reformed today after three weeks of red / blue matches, and played some of their best lacrosse of the season.
The game was over after ten minutes, when we had secured a 5-0 lead and Brooklands took the free clear. This led to a bit more pressure on our midfield and defence and slowed our rate of scoring slightly, but it was good to be posed some problems.
We are by no means perfect and, in spite of winning easily every week, the boys have to recognise this. They need to be continually striving to better themselves and their team by giving 100% at training. The next step is to start reading and understanding the game better instead of simply responding to instructions from the sideline.
The next month gives us interesting matches against Cheadle, Stockport and Sheffield (at home thankfully!) before our defence of the Onondaga Trophy begins on Dec 11th.

Cox 9, Loveland 3, Hunn 3, Crosby 3, Kinghorn 3, Callaghan 1

U12B 6-7 Oldham [13th Nov]

U14 16-9 Heaton Mersey [13th Nov]

Saturday, 6 November 2010

U12 results [6th Nov]

U12 'Red' 30-0 Heaton Mersey Guild
U12 'Blue' 23-1 Heaton Mersey

Goals galore on the astros at Stockport Road today, as the U12 Red and Blue teams made short work of their opponents. Timperley were simply too good for the opposition - the tactic of spreading the A team boys across two teams has resulted in us having two strong teams, instead of one very strong one.
Next week is the much anticipated match up with local rivals Brooklands, and for this the A team will play together again. The B team travel to Oldham which will give a good indication of how much they have learned over the last three weeks of mixed team play.

U16 Boys vs Norbury Saturday 6th November 2010

Away at Norbury.

The skies were (surprisingly) clear and the sun was shining. Once we had suceeded in parking our cars (no mean feet at Norbury!) - the boys took to the field and the game got underway.
It wasn't long before Myles scored the first goal and it was a cracker - a strong pass from Toby in the centre and a missile delivery to the back of the net. Next to score was Harry assited by Tim. Norbury's No. 47 pulled one back and then Cameron got his first and Harry his second (assisted by Toby). Myles went onto score his second with Toby ably assisting. End of Q1: 5-1 to Timperley.

As we entered Q2,Toby got his first goal and Cameron his second and then Nathan commenced his onslaught putting 2 goals past the Norbury keeper. James showed real form in goal with a couple of good saves, however Norbury put 2 goals past him resulting in a 9-3 scoreline at the end of the quarter.

Q3 saw the return of Barney in goal and he kept a clean sheet and Myles got 2 (Toby assiting 1), Jack got 1, Harry his 3rd, and Cameron his 3rd. End of Q3 14-3 to Timperley.

We let Norbury recover in the last quarter with them putting 4 past Barney - but Cameron got his 4th making the final score 15-7 to Timperley.

Another good performance, well done lads. Top scorers - Cameron 7 Myes (4 a piece) / Top assists - Toby 3 followed by Tim (2).

Mellor away next week - so make sure you make training on Wednesday as it will be more of a test for us on Saturday 13th.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

U12 results

U12 'Red' 8-3 Poynton
U12 'Blue' 4-4 Rochdale

Two close matches this week for the U12, playing under the guise of Red and Blue. Both teams were short on numbers, meaning that everybody got a lot of game time today.
The Red team took on a Poynton team who are always competitive, and made heavy weather of an 8-3 win. We started well, getting to a 4-1 quarter time lead, but could not keep this up for the whole 60 minutes. Our lacrosse didn't really sparkle, Poynton had a reasonable goalkeeper but we were ultimately too strong for them. Matthew Stewart (in goal) had the most action all season and was well up to it, and is becoming increasing mobile on the clear. Oliver Crosby and Joe Hunn scored three each, with Dan Walker and Marius Robinson getting the other two.
The Blue team travelled up to Rochdale, and secured a 4-4 draw, which, I gather, came about because the Rochdale goalie played a blinder. The balance of play was definitely with Timperley.
The (short term) Red / Blue split is definitely working, as the A team players are having to work harder, and the B team players are being made to play in a more structured manner, which is preparing them well for the future.

Timperley U16s result Sat 30th October vs SMG

Stockport almost got through to the finals the other week af the 6 a side tournament but were knocked out by Mellor who then beat us in the final - so we were expecting a good match.

Timperley got off to a strong start resulting with a 5 goal lead to nil at the end of the quarter. Obviously the midi & attack play was strong as well as the defence & goalkeeping working well to keep a clean sheet.

SMG pulled 2 back on the trot at the beginning of Q2 but fortunately Timperley bounced back scoring a further 5 goals - end of Q2 score; 2-10.

At half time we set our target - continue the 5 goals per quarter and let no more than 3 more goals in for SMG. The target was met and exceeded with a 4-16 score at the end of Q3 followed by a final score of 5 - 21.

Well done lads - scorers as follows;

Harry Mann 5 / Toby Hawksley 4 / Myles Anderson, Nathan Walker and Alex Winton 3 / Joe Harris, Charlie Murray, Cameron Parkes 1

Good assists all round but with particualy note - Cameron, Myles & Toby.

Training as normal Weds followed by away match on 6th Nov (Norbury I think - but will confirm Weds / Thurs).

Saturday, 23 October 2010

U12 results

U12 'Red' 26-2 Mellor
U12 'Blue' 16-3 Boardman & Eccles

The Red and Blue approach took place for the first time today, with the whole of the U12 squad being split into two roughly equal teams, combining A and B players together. The result was that the U12 managed two really convincing wins, the Red team winning in the pouring rain and thick mud at Mellor, whilst the B team stayed slightly cleaner, but no drier, whilst winning at home against this year's new U12 entrants, Boardman & Eccles.
The ten boys playing for the Red team were led by Oliver Crosby and Ed Loveland, who scored 14 goals between them, and the team managed the rare feat of everyone (including Matthew Stewart in goal) getting on the scoresheet. The way the boys worked for this was really good to see.
The Blue team was equally as successful against Boardman, who struggled to cope with the midfield strength of Will Callaghan, Adam Kinghorn and Ben Williamson. Timperley scored all the goals in the match as the Boardman goals were scored by players we had loaned to them for the morning!

Sunday, 17 October 2010

U12A 20-2 Cheadle Hulme

Another straightforward win for the A team against a Cheadle Hulme team we had already beaten this season. In the absence of both his fellow starting midfielders, Will Callaghan led the way with lots of possession from the face, and he was rewarded with a five goal haul - his highest of the season so far. Dan Walker also impressed today, playing long stick middie for the first time. This simply added another dimension to our game, and required the midfielders to keep an eye on the state of the game and be aware of the constant substitutions that the LSM position requires.
Callaghan 5, Hunn 3, Cox 3, Hirst 2, Loveland 2, Townsley 2, Jamie 2, Williamson 1

U12B 11-5 Wacs

"We played well" (D Shuttleworth)

Sunday, 10 October 2010

U 16s 6 a side tournament @ Mellor Sunday 10th October

An impressive effort by our U16s resulting in them reaching the final of but alas, the home side of Mellor beat us 3-1 to take the cup off Timperley.

It was an afternoon of thrilling play - we basked in beautiful autumn sunshine at Mellor whilst the 8 teams went to battle!

The results were as followed;
Timperley WIN 9 Boardman 2
Sheffield 6 Timperley 6 DRAW
Mellor B 1 Timperley 9 WIN
Heaton Mersey 0 - Timperley 5

This successful run resulted in Timperley playing Poynton in one of the semi finals, winning 3-1 and Mellor A beat Sheffield in the other semi.
So we went to the final against Mellor and sadly lost.
However the team should be proud of their efforts - they played well and I am confident that they will continue to grow as a team throughout the rest of the season.

Unlucky lads.

Paul Peachey

Saturday, 9 October 2010

U12A results week 3

Timperley A 14-0 Oldham
Timperley A 10-0 Stockport
Today's matches were played at Oldham, which, in complete contrast to Timperley, was cold & windy with the odd spot of rain thrown in.
None of this put off the U12A team, as we came away with two more comprehensive victories. Oldham were first up, and although they tried hard, never troubled us, and we won easily.
We had drawn with Stockport at a tournament over the summer so they fancied themselves to give us a game - however it was not to be. We started the game with our most experienced line up and after a couple of Stockport chances, we simply took control and ended up winning the game comfortably.
Cox 6, Loveland 4, Kinghorn 4, Crosby 3, Hunn 3, Hirst 1, Townsley 1, Jamie 1, Robins 1.

This team boasts so much experience - we have 9 players who have Onondaga winner's medals from last season, and 2 others who played A team last year. Add to this 3 or 4 more competent players, and we are looking good. Personally, I am really enjoying the defence with its excellent handling of three long poles - they intimidate the opposition and give us a really strong platform for winning games. To have so far only conceded one goal this season, Matt, Dan, Harun and Patrick should be really pleased with the excellent job they are doing for the team.

U12B results week 3

Timperley B 1-3 Rochdale
Timperley B 1-9 Poynton

Timperley U16 Boys vs Brooklands Saturday 9th October

Third match of the season and we were at home against the old rivals - Brooklands. The omens were looking good - a full squad turn out, a new team, playing at home and the sun was shining.
Despite the balance of play being with Timperley, with good attacking play, Brooklands managed to get a couple of breaks and on one of these their No.1 got their first goal.Q1 ended 0-1.
We also had an injured Barney on our hands.
Q2 was a disaster, resulting in 4 more goals for Brooklands but persistence was rewarded with Toby pulling one back for Timperley.
We changed goalie at half time and Barney went off for treatment. Q3 saw a revival for Timperley with Tim Nicol scoring 2 good goals but unfortunately Brooklands No. 6 got his first of the match. 3-6 was the score as we entered Q4.
Stronger play by Timperley in the last quarter with a couple of good saves from James better attacking play but alas no more goals. 3-6 Final score.
6 a side tomorrow - all(Cameron, Charlie E, Tim N, Dan P, Joe H, Toby H, Jack C, James S) meet at Mellor for 12 noon.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

U12A results week 2

Timperley A 20-0 Ashton
Timperley A 12-1 Cheadle Hulme
Two more comprehensive wins for the A team today, as both opponents were seen off without any real trouble. Ashton was the easier of the two games, but this was a nice warm up for what Cheadle Hulme could throw our way. This was the potentially more interesting game as Cheadle Hulme look to be one of the better teams this season, but we did the business and gave them something to think about for the future.
Kinghorn 8, Crosby 4, Callaghan 4, Townsley 4, Hirst 3, Hunn 3, Robins 3, Wasim 1, Walker 1, own goal 1

U12B results week 2

Timperley B 0-9 Stockport
Timperley B 0-4 Heaton Mersey Guild

Saturday, 2 October 2010

WACS vs TIMPERLEY U16s - Saturday 2 October 2010

The second match of the season saw a below strength WACS team succumb to an ever improving Timperley.

After loaning a couple of players to help WACS, Timperley went down 1 goal but then Cameron soon evened up the score line. WACS then got one more in the first quarter but this was more than matched by Tim Nicol scoring a belter and then Whirlwind Winton cranked into gear with a great goal. Cameron finished off the quarter with his second, resulting in 2-4 scoreline.

Thanks to some important saves from Barnie - that was it in terms of WACS scoring for the rest of the match. The game continued to go Timperley's way with Toby getting his first of the match, Alex 2 more and Cameron 1 more, resulting in 2-8 score a the end of Q2.

Quarter 3 saw a Hat trick for Toby, 1 for Tim and 1 more for Alex. We swopped goalies for Q4 and Myles, Charlie Murray & Joe got their first goals of the match - talking the final score to 2 - 16.

Even though WACS were a weak team, we saw much better play all round from Timperley and some good assists helping to deliver the strong scoreline. Nathan also made some excellent passes after making his trademark strong runs.

All good practice for Brooklands next week!

Remember the 6 a side next Sunday - it looks like we'll be entering 1 team and details will be finalised at Training on Wednesday - but please confirm your availability to me asap.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Timperley U16s Match Report: Saturday 25th September

Timperley vs. Poynton.

Our first match of the season and the first match for the new combined team. Well, we had a steady start but then went 1 goal down but thanks to a Michael Bauer goal we ended even at the end of Q1 (1-1). The second quarter proved to be a similar story, with Poynton getting 2 more goals but fortunately Jack Cox did the business (2 goals), resulting in a 3-3 scoreline. Poynton grew in confidence in Q3 and we ended 3-4 down with an injured goalie, luckily James S was on standby and we went into the last quarter with all to play for. The team finally kicked into gear led by Cameron Parkes - illustrating in his play what being a good captain means! Cameron got 2 into the net, Tim Nicol got his first of what should be many this season and Jack got another one in. Despite Poynton pulling one back, Timperley were victorious with a final score of 7-5. Well done lads - as Cameron said - you left it a bit late, and we need to watch the catching and passing as there were too many errors. However, it's early in the season and we won!

Saturday, 25 September 2010

U12A results week 1

Timperley A 20-0 Wilmslow
Timperley A 13-0 Poynton
Two very conclusive victories this morning, as the season finally got underway.
This team almost picks itself, with 10 players returning from last season's victorious A team, and it is simply a case of the new boys slotting into an already good team. It is evident that the whole team can handle the ball and we looked really effective in transition, with the ball moving effortlessly from defence, to midfield, to attack.
This team can really go places this season, but it has to remain focussed and do the fundamentals properly, even when we are winning by a huge score. We are good already, and we have 6 months of lacrosse to get even better. Given that the basics are already in place, this season will be a case of coaching the boys how to play their game at a higher level. This is the challenge I want to set for this team. Not just to win, but to win in a manner that will set them up for the U14 next season.
Today's goals
Cox 10, Loveland 8, Crosby 4, Callaghan 3, Robins 3, Hunn 2, Kinghorn 2, Townsley 1

U12B results week 1

Timperley B 4-2 WACS
Timperley B 7-3 Oldham

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Registration Day

Registration Day is on Saturday 11th September. Please turn up between 10am and 12pm to sign up for the new season and to order any playing kit that you need.

Monday, 26 July 2010

TLC U14s vs. Maryland Express - Opening match

After all the excitment of the 'Maryland Express' arriving followed by the Mud Fest that is Manley Mere, TLC U14s faced their first match against our touring guests.

The rain had gone, the sun was shining....things were looking good. Would Timperely find their form? Had Maryland shaken off their jetlag?

Q1 saw 1 goal a piece: for TLC it was Tim 'nuke 'em Nicol who got Timperley on the scoresheet and Maryland's No 16 balancing the score.

Q2 saw Timperley lose the plot with Maryland's 19, 13, 15 & 16 doing the business, however Whirlwind Winton helped pull one back. 2-5 was the end of quarter score!

In Q3, Maryland's 22 got a further goal resulting in an end of quarter score of 2-6.

The last quarter and after a severe talking to from the coaches - would Timperley get back in the game? Despite a valiant goal from Jumpin' Joe Harris, 4 more hit the back of the net from Maryland 's 2, 19, and a double from No 8.

Final score TLC 3 Maryland 10. Timperley seemed to start well enough but their form and enthusiam waned whereas Maryland built in confidence and stormed to a clear victory. Well done Maryland and today you showed you were one hell of an Express!

Monday, 12 July 2010

World Cup Festival Results

U19 - won cup (beat Sheffield 2-1 in final)
U16 - lost in quarter final of cup (Heaton Mersey won)
U14 - won plate (Brooklands won cup)
U12 - runners up in cup (lost to Sheffield 1-3 in final)

Sunday, 23 May 2010

U11 win 8 a side

Another piece of silverware was safely captured today, as the U11 won the 8 a side junior lax tournament held at Brooklands.
Bearing in mind all bar one of these boys played for the U12A last season we had reasonably high hopes for a win and it was a good chance to look at these boys competing against players their own age.
The tournament was a league where we would be playing 6 matches against all the other teams. We started off with 4 straight wins; Mellor (6-0), Rochdale (7-1), HMG (13-0), Brooklands (7-0). We then had a draw against Stockport (2-2) where we dominated the game but couldn't finish our chances. This meant our final game against Poynton was a winner takes all affair - they had lost once and we had our draw, so the winner of the game would win the tournament. The Timperley boys dug in for one final effort and came away with a 3-0 win to clinch the trophy.

All the boys played their part in the win today. Goals from Tom Cox 11, Ed Loveland 8, Joe Hunn 7, Adam Kinghorn 6, Will Callaghan 4 & Sam Hirst 2 did the damage up front, whilst the mean defence of Matthew Stewart, Dan Walker and Harun Wasim only conceded 3 goals all afternoon.

The U12/U11 trophies are mounting up.........

Sunday, 11 April 2010

U12A 14-9 Rochdale (Onondaga Cup Winners)

It has been a long season, during which peoples' expectations of the U12A have been forever rising. Today this group of boys won their second trophy of the season, taking the Onondaga Cup by beating a tough Rochdale team by 14 goals to 9. By winning today we kept our unbeaten season intact (played 22, won 21, drawn 1) and we can now justifiably call ourselves the best U12 team in the country.

Now to the game.....
The pitch was perfect, the sun was shining and we had a good number of spectators to cheer us on. Unfortunately, after ten minutes of the game we were losing 0-4 and things were looking decidedly grim. Time out blue, and a chance for a breather and a little chat. We weren't playing badly, but the two big kids on the Rochdale team started as if they were on fire, and we had no answer to their power. On the positive side, we were creating chances (but shooting poorly) and we knew that there was no way the Rochdale boys could continue at that pace for the whole game. A goal from Tom Cox seconds before the end of the quarter stopped the rot and gave us a good vibe as we had our quarter time team talk.
During the second quarter the Rochdale boys did start to run out of steam, and the Timperley midfield started to gain more posession. This was the crucial part of the game, and goals from James Prickett, Oli Loveland and Tom Cox got us back to 4-4, before Rochdale went ahead for the last time at 4-5. Another goal from Oli Loveland levelled it at 5-5 at half time.
Looking at the two teams at half time told the story of where the game was heading. Rochdale had blown a huge lead and their heads were down. Timperley were starting to dominate and our confidence was up, having shown great resilience to come out of a tough situation.
The third quarter was where we took control of the game, when Matthew Stewart and his defence shut Rochdale out whilst we scored three goals ourselves, to get to three quarter time at 8-5 up. We were now showing great patience, moving the ball with confidence and feeding the ball well.
The final quarter was out of character with the rest of the game, with both teams trading goals for the whole 15 minutes. Rochdale never gave up and went for route one as they started to run directly at the heart of our defence. Goals were conceded, saves were made, but all the time up the other end we were picking our way round their defence, and we outscored our opponents by six to four, giving the final score of 14-9.

Goals / (Assists)
Cox 6, O Loveland 4(1), Prickett 1(3), E Loveland 1, Hunn 1(1), Phillips 1, Crosby (2), Harris (1), Callaghan (1)

Three months ago we would have lost this game, but this team has developed a toughness since Christmas, when we have played some harder games, not had things all our own way and have learned how to scrap for a win. Today, even at 0-4, our heads never dropped and this was probably the most commendable part of today's performance. Being able to continue to play proper lacrosse when under great pressure marks this team out as winners.

The team of 2009/10 has won the first U12 trophies for three seasons, matching exactly the achievements of the 2006/7 U12 squad in winning the Onondaga and the 6 a side. The following boys have played regularly for the A team over the last seven months and deserve the plaudits that come their way.

Goal Matthew Stewart
Defence Sam Harris, Alex Ball, Dan Walker, Patrick Sugden, Harun Wasim
Midfield Oli Loveland (capt), Oliver Crosby (vice capt), James Prickett, Seb Phillips, Will Callaghan, Callum Townsley
Attack Tom Cox, Ed Loveland, Joe Hunn, Sam Hirst

Now, let's have one more look at that trophy.........

Saturday, 10 April 2010

U14 Centurion Cup Flags Final: Brooklands vs Timperley

Well, after a successful season, triumph for Timperley in the cup was not to be. Brooklands were the superior team on the day and despite some valiant efforts across the team, Timperley were not on form and the hungrier team won. And Brooklands were hungry; as despite reaching the final on at least 4 previous occasions without success, they were determined to break this run. They did so with an efficiency in the first quarter leaving Timperley 6 - 0 down. The second quarter saw a stabilisation of the game with 1 a piece with some strong play from Nathan Walker and Tom Roberts. Timperley's goal was an exhibtion shot from Tim Nicol with a brilliant assist from Charlie Edwards. Unfortunately this wasn't the turning point we hoped and Brooklands marched on. Alex Winton put one on the net but the final score was 17 - 2, untypical of the season for Timperley but a justified win for Brooklands.

The challenge for the team is quite simply - to now lift up your heads, learn from the experience and reform for the 6 a side competion in 2 weeks and then for a new season!

And finally, well done for getting to the final - it shows that Timperley is a good team and has the potential to time we need to make sure we do!

Friday, 9 April 2010

last few thoughts before U14s Cup Final - Sat 10th April



And now an interesting case study from our feathered friends………………………….
Lessons from Geese
Fact 1: As each goose flaps its wings it creates 'uplift' for the birds that follow. By flying in a 'V' formation, the whole flock adds 71% more range than if each bird flew alone. Lesson: People who share a common direction and sense of community can get where they are going quicker and easier because they are travelling on the trust of one another.
Fact 2: When a goose falls out of formation, it suddenly feels the drag and resistance of flying alone. It quickly moves back into formation to take advantage of the lifting power of the bird immediately in front of it. Lesson: If we have as much sense as a goose, we stay in formation with those headed where we want to go. We are willing to accept their help and give our help to others.
Fact 3: When the lead goose tires, it rotates back in to the formation and another goose flies to the point position. Lesson: It pays to take turns doing the hard tasks and sharing leadership. As with geese, people are interdependent on each other's skills, capabilities and unique arrangements of gifts, talents or resources.
Fact 4: The geese flying in formation honk to encourage those up front to keep up with their speed. Lesson: We need to make sure our honking is encouraging. In groups where there is encouragement, productivity is much greater. Individual empowerment results from quality honking.
Fact 5: When a goose gets sick, wounded or shot down, two geese drop out of formation and follow it down to help and protect it. They stay with it until it dies or is able to fly again. Then, they launch out with another formation or catch up with the flock. Lesson: If we have as much sense as geese, we will stand by each other in difficult times as well as when we are strong.
So let’s get HONKING!!!!!!

Monday, 5 April 2010

U19 - Treble Champions

Sunday 21.3.10 cometh the hour, cometh the men - well, the Under 19 team, who were aiming to complete a treble of trophies this season, having already won the Ted Donnet and league cups. The match was six weeks after the original schedule due to the snow over the winter and the team were chomping at the bit to get at Brooklands.

A super turn out of supporters were awarded with a feast of fast, skilful lacrosse. It was especially good to see many young players supporting the Under 19s and I bet many of them went home and thought that they wanted to play like that. Timperley were rocked by an opening blast from Brooklands which saw them go 0 - 2 down, but it's a sign of the Timperley maturity that they did not allow this to trouble them and they fought their way back to level the match at the end of the quarter with two goals from Greg Sandy and Ollie White.

The second quarter saw Timperley turn the screw - unusually Jay Armstrong struggled on the face but the defence held out, regained the ball and set up the attackers. Brooklands began to wobble with four minutes of penalties due to the Timperley pressure. Jack Brook was a constant threat and Timperley pressed throughout with eight shots and in was no surprise when they scored three goals to one from Brooklands, which nosed Timperley ahead.

Timperley continued to play controlled skilled lacrosse and even when down to a four man zone did not concede a goal. (This was the third time in the season when they have had a four man defence and not conceded). Ollie showed his strength and determination to score a goal, despite knowing that the huge defender was about to clatter him. Tommy Kirkland hustled and bustled and shut out the Brooklands main threat (Scotland 1 England 0). Score at quarter end 7 - 4

The crowd were getting giddy, but the Timperley team didn't and the end result was never in doubt in the fourth quarter. Timperley kept possession superbly with Brooklands having to chase all the time. Scenes of great joy and the end of the match (8 - 5) as the players celebrated a historic treble for the first time in the club's history. These celebrations went on in the bar afterwards!!

All the players played a full part in this result, this is not a one man team and they played with a confidence born of winners. The coaches Justin Hager and Rory Sanborn kept the players on track and focussed throughout the season and the team got their just rewards as they were the best team in the competitions by a mile.

23 shots, 14 on target, 8 goals (Ollie White 3, Greg Sandy 2, Jay Armstrong 1, Jack Brook 1, Elliot Shaw 1
14 face offs, 4 won.
5.5 minutes penalties
Stats by "Statto" Toby Hawksley

Saturday, 27 March 2010

U16 'A' 11 v WACS 3 Last game of the season

The U16 'A' team finished the season on a high, beating WACS 11 - 3 today.

Barney Sant moved up into goal and had a great game stopping some big shots from Wacs and even having a shot himself (but please get a belt for those tracksuit bottoms). Dan Perrie was imperious in defence showing off his persistent hustling style that seems to wear attackers out. Jack Cox just kept charging straight at goal with his direct play absorbing hits as he went.

Wacs seemed stunned at the end of the first quarter, with Timperley going 5-1 up in a matter of minutes. The Didsbury boys took even hits in the second quarter shipping another two goals with no reply. Everything they tried seemed to be slapped down, with our pressure forcing simple mistakes. The third quarter saw something of a comeback with Wacs scoring two good goals. It was too little too late, with the Timperley boys getting another three goals in the last quarter to finish 11 - 3.

U16 Players Selected for Lancashire U16 Team

Four members of the great Timperley U16 team have been selected to play for Lancashire in this weekends match against Cheshire.

Joe Streuli - defence
Tom Bracegirdle - midfield
Cameron Parks - midfield
Toby Hawksley - attack

Timperley now make up a quarter of the 16 player Lancashire squad.

Well done boys - you are all great ambassadors for the club.

Good luck in the match.

U12A 15-5 Cheadle Hulme

The regular season is over, and the unbeaten record is still intact, so well done to the boys for that. If there were a league for the U12, we would have won it easily.........David Shuttleworth even turned up to see if his presence was a jinx on the team, but it appears not, so he is free to attend the cup final next weekend!

Today was a tricky looking assignment against an unknown Cheadle Hulme team that has had some good results this season. Added to that, we were on a really small pitch which we know doesn't suit our style of play. This took a bit of time to get used to, but eventually the team settled down and played some good lacrosse.

Seb Phillips is worth a mention today as he played a solid game in midfield, scoring a couple of goals and winning a lot of good ground ball. This is exactly the kind of selfless performance we needed - someone to do the unglamorous (but not unnoticed) hard yards in the midfield.

Goals / (Assists)
O Loveland 5(1), Cox 4, Crosby 2, Phillips 2, Prickett 1(1), Callaghan 1(1), E Loveland (1), Walker (1), Hunn (1).

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Saturday 20th March: Timperley U14 A vs. Sheffield

Well a few weekends of 'practise' matches before the final so it is important that the boys use these matches as good preparation for the flags final in April.

We have had mixed experiences with Sheffield in the past, however they did declare that they were leaving their older & bigger players to play in the Sheffield U16s team - this was disappointing as the stronger the competition that we play prior to the final, the better the preparation. Anyway - how would Timperley rise to the occasion?

The teams took to the field with Sheffield looking quite big despite leaving their 'big boys' behind! It wasn't long before we had the answer with Lucas 'Hot Shot' Almond firing in 3 goal in quick succession. This was followed by Charlie 'Legs' Edwards doing hs usual pick up in D then a full pitch run and an efficient execution into the Sheffield net. 'Nuke 'Em' Nicol, had fired himself up and got the last goal in Q 1 (Timperely 5-0 up) and then kicked off the Q2 with a cracker. In a relativeley quiet quarter, Grady got on the scoresheet with an excellent shot. Nathan the 'Cheetah' showing some great form in running up field and having a crack at goal.

Entering Q3, Timperley were 7 goals up and had a clean sheet. 6 goals followed in this quarter: Pick assisted by Alex, 2 more for Nuke 'Em, One for Joe H (assist from Legs Edwards) and with Grady showing real form - 2 more for him, with one almost shot from ground level!

At this point we called a time out to respond to a distress call from our U16s B team who were fielding only 8 players in their match against Boardman & Eccles -so off went Tom Roberts and 'Donkey Legs' Peachey to assist. Back to the Sheffield game - Q3 ended 13 up with 'Safe Hands' Smethurst keeping his valuable clean sheet with additional support from James Littlewood playing an even more important role in defence now! Nathan was rested due to a troublesome ankle and Simon Briggs showed good form in stepping into the game up front. Connor also showed how determined he was in his first game for Timperley A team with some great blocks, tackles and some nice passing.

So into the final quarter and 'Whirlwind' Winton getting his first in the game followed by Josh 'The Stig' Blower assisting Nuke 'Em. Pick got his second of the game assisted by Lucas. 2 more followed from Nuke Em and a very important save from Safe Hands. Stig Blower then got his first well earned goal from an excellent look from Nuke Em. This was followed by a goal from Nuke Em assisted by Pick with Stig getting goal 21 in - just before the full time whistle was blown.

Despite the score, it wasn't an 'easy match' and the Timperley boys showed real skill. talent and determination throughout the game which does give us justfied confidence as we move closer to the Final. Well done lads - keep it up!

Paul Peachey

U12A 22-6 Brooklands

Even though Brooklands are not as strong as recent years, they can still spring the occasional surprise (Nationals - semi final - say no more), so we were looking at this game as a small measure of payback, but more importantly the continuation of our preparation for the Onondaga Cup Final. Brooklands scrapped hard in the heavy rain, but we really hammered them with our superior lacrosse skill. They were route one; we were passing it around and playing a team game.

Continuing our recently acquired (bad) habit of a slow start, we managed to go a goal down early on; however, there was no hint of concern and we soon got into our stride. The fast breaks were flying in, we were moving the ball around well, the ground ball was OK, we were drawing fouls from the opposition then scoring on the man up, the defence was tight and sliding well, our 5 man zone was excellent and the clear was good. Basically everything was working.

James Prickett had his best game of the season today, including a surprisingly effective stint at facing during the second quarter when, using his strength, he won 4 on the trot.

The quarterly scores were 5-2, 12-4, 17-5, 22-6

Goals / (Assists)
Cox 6, E Loveland 4(2), O Loveland 4(1), Prickett 3(3), Hunn 3(2), Crosby 2(2), Callaghan (2)

There are two more games to go this season - if we can maintain our unbeaten record, we will end the season as champions. Let's keep focussed and ensure this is what happens.

U12B 7-13 Rochdale

Saturday, 13 March 2010

U12A 14-7 Cheadle [Onondaga Cup Semi]

Today was the biggest game of the season so far – the Onondaga Cup semi final against Cheadle. Having beaten them twice in recent weeks we knew their game plan and how to deal with it. The weight of expectation was hanging heavily over the whole U12A group– we knew we could win; we knew we should win; the question was, would we win?
We started well enough going 2-0 up quite quickly, but Cheadle’s big kid hit back with some individual goals, to put us 3-4 down at quarter time. Nerves were perhaps getting to us, the focus wasn’t there and we were struggling for fluency. It was time for a few deep breaths on the side line and some well directed words from the coaches. The second quarter saw some immediate improvement, as the attack found its range, and the ball started to move more easily from stick to stick. The confidence was growing, but there were still only two goals in it at half time, with Timperley leading by 7-5. Tom Cox (playing attack again) was leading the way at this point with three goals, and a couple of shots off the frame of the goal to his name.
The third quarter started evenly, before Oliver Crosby suffered a game ending hit to his knee. At 8-5, this could really have cost us because up to this point he’d been instrumental in keeping us in the game and was battling all over the pitch with his captain - losing his experience certainly worried me. However, Oli Loveland then went up another gear up for his team, scoring 3 unanswered goals in a 5 minute burst to get us to 11-5 at three quarter time. Almost there……….
The final quarter was just holding onto what we had. Cheadle weren’t pressing the ball and we ran the clock down well, keeping possession and scoring goals, to reach the final score of 14-7.

The result was all that mattered today. What the spectators saw was a real team effort, with every member of the squad playing their part in the performance that saw us make progress. It was good to see that after the first quarter, the team toughed it out and eventually came away with a solid win. We had our poor spell early, and then used the remaining game time to get the game won and reach the Onondaga Final for the first time in three years. Well done boys. Job nearly done……..

Goals / (Assists)
Cox 5, O Loveland 4(2), Crosby 2 (1), E Loveland 2 (1), Hunn 1, Prickett (2), Harris (1), Phillips (1)

U12B 5-13 Oldham

Monday, 8 March 2010


Timperley U16's crowned National Champions 2010 at Great Malvern.

The boys dominated the tournament, winninng all of their games and only conceding 1 goal in 8 matches.

Well done to all of the boys - and thank you to all of the parents who made the journey to Great Malvern, without you this would not have been possible. Thank you to all of the U12's who stayed on to watch the final, the support was fantastic.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

U12 National 8 a side

Another Sunday, another tournament, but unfortunately, after the excitement of last weekend, there was no trophy to take home today. In my own mind a semi final place was the very least we were aiming for today. There are three or four good sides at this age group and any one of them is capable of winning a short tournament like this - a bit of luck, and some momentum counts for a lot.

We started really well with a great 5-3 victory over a tough Rochdale team, and then followed this with a 6-2 win over Spencer. Meanwhile Wilmslow were doing us all a favour with a huge win over Rochdale that effectively put them out of the tournament before lunchtime. We then beat Wilmslow 2-1 to win the group with a game to spare, before we gave the whole squad a go in the final game, winning 4-3 against Wacs.
So far so good – we’d made the semi final. We had played some nice lacrosse at times, and had fought hard for the wins but without really playing at our fluent best. Matthew Stewart in goal was probably the stand out performer up to this point, which itself tells a tale.

Brooklands and Sheffield had qualified from pool 1, along with ourselves and Wilmslow from pool 2. The betting man would have probably gone for a Timperley / Sheffield final, but he’d have lost all his money. We lost 1-4 to Brooklands, going behind early on and never managing to get back into the game, whilst Wilmslow produced another upset by overcoming the previously unbeaten Sheffield in overtime. Wilmslow followed this up by beating Brooklands 1-0 to take the tournament.

We must remember that 8 and 6 a side games can be won and lost in a very short space of time and often there is no time to respond - we will win some and we will lose some over the coming years. I firmly believe that this current team is better suited to 10 a side, which is where the main prizes are - the main target for the season was always the Onondaga Cup. We have a big semi final this coming weekend against Cheadle which, if we turn up in the right frame of mind, we are more than capable of winning.

Thanks to all the parents for taking the time to travel to Malvern to support their boys. It is meant to be a lacrosse festival and I think that from that point of view, we all had a good day at a great location with some superb weather.

U12A 13-4 Cheadle

This was a warm up for the Onondaga semi next week, and we came through with what was ultimately a comfortable 13-4 win. Although we never really played as well as we can, we scrapped and did our best to remove any shred of confidence that Cheadle might have been taking into next weekend.

We need to focus from the start next weekend and make sure we reach the final.

Cox 5, Crosby 2, E Loveland 2(1), Callaghan 1, Phillips 1(1), Hunn 1, Walker 1, O Loveland (2), Prickett (2), Hirst (1).

U12B 4-12 Ashton

David Shuttleworth reports.........
Although the game was fairly even for a long time we were eventually fairly well beaten by a much improved Ashton side. Admittedly they did have a very big, athletic overage player with a dispensation but he was supposed to be very new to lacrosse (!!). He was a decent athlete. However we kept at it . Joe Schaefer did well in goal and his clearing was really good and Matt Allen did well at faces. We missed our runners, Adam,Cameron and Will C as it was a big pitch which usually suits us.


Following an unconvincing run over the last few weeks, how were we going to do in this critical match? Littlewood and Roberts were missing due to injury (thanks for coming down Tom to support)...... The sun was shining and after a poor run of attendance, The Manager was back! Then Cheadle arrived......and they looked more beefy than ever'! Timperley warmed up in an uncharacterisitic silence. Could this concentration and focus see us through? Would our confidence return?
Face off.....could we sneak one in and get that boost of self belief? But alas the Cheadle No 3 took aim and we were 1 down! PANTS! We needed to come back and it wasn't long before Whirlwind Winton went into action...took aim and...FIRE...on target and we'd equalised. Cheadle pulled one back to go into the lead but then Jumping Joe Harris equalised just before the end of Quarter 1. It was clear....we were gonna have a cracking game!
Second quarter...and unfortunately this is where my scoring notes suffer as it was getting pretty nerve wracking on the touchline! So bear with me, this is what I can recall. The second quarter was even matched with a further 2 goals Alex and James 'The Hacker' Hackett - scoring 2 of his trademark ground / low shots. Despite this progress, Cheadle No. 18 - 'The Refridgerator' lunged 2 passed James Safehands Smethurst. Quarter 3 saw Timperley create and stretch their lead with Tim Nuke 'Em Nicol finally putting 2 passed the Cheadle Goalie with a great long shot assist from Josh Donkey Legs Peachey. Good clear passing from James S helped push the game up field. Pick showed some impressive play from behind goal, often out running the Cheadle defence. Final Quarter - could we hold the lead...could we book our place in the final? Disaster - we started losing our lead with a shaky period - Cheadle scored, then just when we needed it Charlie Legs Edwards did his long Ostrich leg run and put one in the back of the net, Tim also scored again but as we entered the last 5 minutes of play, Cheadle got 2 goals in 2 minutes, at his rate , they could equalise by the end of full time! Fortunately Timperley held their nerve and the Final whistle went and we'd won 10-8. Much better skills were shown by the team and strong performances were noted from Nathan 'The Cheetah' Walker who is undoubtedly the fastest player in Lacrosse, Josh Blower and Grady who both showed strong determination and persistence. Based on this performance and with further practice, we stand a good chance of winning against Brooklands in the final on 10 April at Rochdale (1pm face off). Well done Lads!

Paul Peachey

Monday, 1 March 2010

U12 win 6 a side tournament

This is what it is all about. Playing lacrosse and winning a trophy. Ultimately the day ended as I had hoped, with Timperley taking home the cup, but I never thought that it would prove as dramatic as it did for players and parents alike.
In the round robin format, a lot depends on the draw, and we got a favourable one, with only Cheadle (last year's winners) looking a threat. We breezed through our opening two games, winning 13-0 against Mersey Guild B, and then Wacs 12-1. The whole afternoon changed with the Cheadle game as we struggled with their direct tactics and eventually went down 2-3. Chins were down, the boys were moaning about the ref, which in reality was good to see because it showed they cared; from this moment on, the team seemed to gel as they realised they were going to have to fight for this cup.
The fourth game was against an unbeaten Mersey Guild A, and we had to win, or it was the early bus home. We came through in style to record a comprehensive 12-1 win. Bring on the semi final draw……….. which paired us with Cheadle. We were going to have to win it the hard way.
The game was as we expected but our tactics were better and we coped with Cheadle’s long game. We were never ahead, but never more than a goal behind, and we were playing some really good lacrosse, whilst not being hurt too badly by the big kids on the opposition. Full time came, with the score at 3-3. It was a golden goal to settle the game – first to score wins - no pressure then………
This led to what was for me the most memorable and important moment of the afternoon. We won the face and after a bit of scrapping, put together a great four man passing move that ended with Oli Loveland coolly slotting the ball home for his hat-trick, the golden goal and a sprint half the length of the pitch to celebrate with his team mates. I was leaping around and so were half the spectators - we’d won it 4-3 to reach the final against Rochdale.
Rochdale had one really big player and we played him as best we could. Unfortunately we’d not been tipped off about their other top player who would go on to score 5 goals in the final. However, it didn’t matter……….
This was another game where we were never ahead until the end, but again we held it together and were never more than one behind. To counter the two good players Rochdale had, our team played some excellent lacrosse, slugging it out goal for goal, only losing its head once with about two minutes to go where the long ball reared its ugly head. We got over this mini crisis and then took it to Rochdale from 5-6 down to score two in the final 90 seconds to be 7-6 up. Our ball on our back line with 20 seconds to go and we killed some time, before a final assault from the big kid was repelled, and we’d done it, winning 7-6 in a brilliant final.

Every one of the boys played their part today [in the photo (back) Matthew Stewart, James Prickett, Sam Harris, Oli Loveland, (front) Tom Cox ,Oliver Crosby, Ed Loveland, Will Callaghan]. They became a real team over the course of the afternoon and ended up really battling for each other to achieve the victory for themselves and the club. There are a lot of proud parents, coaches and managers in Timperley tonight.

Sunday, 28 February 2010

U12B 12-2 Stockport

David Shuttleworth commented.....
Won 12-2. Played well.
Will Callaghan and Mickolaj Mars were good. Four goals for Ben Williamson and three for Adam Kinghorn.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

U16 'A' v Heaton Mersey Saturday 20th February

This was a prelude to the cup semi-final in March. All the coaches and managers joked before thegame - 'it's all about taking part, it's about the boys learning and enjoying themselves' - rubbish, this was all about winning.

Heaton Mersey were up for this from the start, attacking the Timperley defence and for the first five minutes things were looking rather desperate. Until Tomb went on a charging run, came left and fired on goal to score. That was better, it seemed to settle our nerves. The second quarter saw Cam Parks get fired up and force a direct attacking style of play that the team responded to, and we got two goals from this to HM's one, leaving us ahead 2-3 at half-time.

Coach Justin gave his customary halftime talk encouraging the lads and we went out on the offensive. Ged Scrace was brilliant as longpole middie, charging on and off the pitch as the game flowed, talking the team up all the time. We saw three more goals from Toby, Tomb and Myles to end the quarter 3-6.

Then it all went pear shaped. Heaton Mersey clawed their way back into the game, scoring 5 goals. There seemed to be nothing we could do to stop them, we had snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Then Cam got angry again, stormed their goal and scored, giving us hope again - the score was now 8-7. A goalmouth scramble saw Myles score one of the most important goals of the season, did he kick it in, push it in - who cares it went in to take us 8-8. One minute left on the clock, the game was going our way, Tomb charged again, passed to Tom Sandy on crease who scored - then the final whistle. We had won 8-9. Bring on the semi-final.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

U12A 32-2 Poynton

Our nemesis of last season, Poynton, were buried under an avalanche of goals today by a team that played some truly excellent lacrosse. Poynton have a young team and are obviously rebuilding this season, but take nothing away from the U12; I am sure the way they played today they would have beaten any opponent.
For the whole hour, we passed our way up the pitch and around the goal, and scored some really good team goals with 5 or 6 slick passes prior to a shot. The biggest improvement on last week was the groundball which we were winning cleanly for the whole game.
It is hard not to feel a bit sorry for the opposition in games like this, but they were beaten by a real team performance which even had the Poynton coach muttering admiration in our direction. We practice hard and it is good when it all comes together in a match – is was clinical lacrosse all morning and at no point did we resort to bullying our way to goal or showboating.
Due to the half term holidays we were short of 5 regulars, but the remaining 9, plus Alex Robins and Will Callaghan played tremendously well. The team was reassured by the presence of captain Oli Loveland who ran the game for Timperley with goals and assists. He and his fellow midfielders of Oliver Crosby, James Prickett and Will Callaghan (first goals for the A team today) were the real driving force behind today’s win. Tom Cox sneaked back into the attack for the game and helped himself to a career high 11 goals, and was well assisted by Ed Loveland and Joe Hunn. Matthew Stewart organised his defence of Sam Harris, Dan Walker and Alex Robins really well, and as a unit they marked tightly and cleared the ball easily.

I would still rate our early season victory over Sheffield as a better performance than this one, but the boys who played today really battled for each other and I hope we can take this momentum into the 6 a side, 8 a side and the Onondaga semi final against Cheadle in 3 weeks time.

Goals / (Assists)
Cox 11(1), E Loveland 8(4), O Loveland 4(7), Hunn 4(1), Crosby 2(3), Callaghan 2(3), Prickett 1(1)

U12B 9-9 Heaton Mersey

David Shuttleworth reports.....
Thought we did well on Sat and really should have won but we could not hold their best player who got 8 out of their 9 goals . Adam Kinghorn played well and got 6 goals (but should have had more with better shooting!) and I thought our defence did well.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Cup draws - semi finals

Onondaga Cup
U12A v Cheadle (13th Mar) home
Centurion Cup
U14A v Cheadle (6th Mar) home
Junior & Schools
U16A v Heaton Mersey (13th Mar) away

Saturday, 13 February 2010

U12A 11-4 Brooklands

This was a hard fought game against a Brooklands team that competed well all game. It was not the best we've played this year by any stretch of the imagination, but we fought well through the scrappy bits and came up with the win by 11-4.
The first three quarters of the game were pretty similar, with the Timperley boys just about getting the better of the opposition, but not helping themselves with poor groundball and wayward passing. We were just not sharp enough to take a commanding lead and the scores for the first three quarters were 2-2, 2-0 and 2-0, giving a lead at three quarter time of only 6-2.
Finally, in the fourth quarter we seemed to wake up and actually played some good lacrosse, moving the ball well and cutting and shooting on target. This led to us scoring 5 goals, whilst conceding 2, to give a final score of 11-4.

Goals / (assists)
Crosby 3(1), Hirst 3, O Loveland 2(2), E Loveland 1(2), Hunn 1, Prickett 1, Cox (1), Callaghan (1)

The last three weeks have been good for this team. The playing schedule lined us up against three of the best U12 teams and we have come through unbeaten, which, given that we have never had our regular squad out in any of the matches, is really pleasing. Boys have stepped up from the B team and made telling contributions, whilst the regular A team players have discovered how to “win ugly” and grind out a result.

Next games
Spencer (home) on Friday 19th (4.30pm face)
Poynton (away) on Saturday 20th (10am face)

U12B 16-9 Mellor

Monday, 8 February 2010

Timperley U14 Match Results Saturday 6th February

A team Cup Match Home vs Wilmslow:

A strong performance against an inexperienced Wilmslow team (their first cup match as they had a bye in the first round).

A good defensive game with the 3 Ds doing a good job at the back (James Littlewood having a particularly strong game), and James Smethurst with a confident performance keeping a clean sheet for the first half and only conceding 3 over the last 2 quarters.

Up in attack it started off with a corking series of goals from Joe Harris (2), Tim and Alex. Only 2 in second quarter - Joe & James Hackett. Timperley 6 up at half time.

In the third quarter, Wilmslow pulled one back and then we got 7 on a trot....Tim 2 with an assist from James H / Nathan / Joe assisted by Grady / Alex 2 assists from Grady & Nathan / Lucas assisted by Nathan.

Wilmslow came out fighting at the start of the final quarter and pulled 2 back but then Timperley's final onslaught came with 2 goals a pice from Tim and Alex both assisted by James Hackett.

Some really lovely play with Grady and Pick playing some excellent moves in the heart of the action, well done lads. Final Score 17-3 WIN.

B team lost vs SMG in the plate 10-3 / thanks again to our guesting U12s that have helped us get a B team out.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

U16 'B' v Poynton Saturday 6th February

The die-hard U16 'B' travelled over to the leafy Chshire burbs of Poynton on Saturday. With Wylo away skiing Paul Scrace stepped up to the plate and took over coaching duties - and it was a joy to see a natural born leader in action. I arrived just as the match started and could see that Paul had the squad of 9 players organised on the pitch and that they clearly had a plan.

Poynton were happy to play 8-a-side with 1 substitute, as like most of the teams, had not had a match since before Christmas and just wanted to play lacrosse. Timperley started well, conceding a goal early on, but coming back to even the score thanks to a great goal from Jack Cox with an assist from DC. The second quarter was the killer for us, conceding three goals to end the first half 5-1 down. Barney tried to bring things back with a long range shot from goal, and DP did an inspirational job organising the defence. The lads were getting tired and taking big hits from a Poynton team who are nearly all upper U16's. Bauer and Ged Scrace both went down with hand and shoulder injuries. Typical Mike Bauer 'its probably broken but I've got another one on the other hand...lets play'.

Mike Bauer was in the thick of it in the third quarter going on a crashing solo run to score. Ben Smith and Sam Sutton were running a lot of the attack, moving the ball nicely around the Poynton D. The final quarter saw a brilliant goal from Dan Perrie who intercepted a clearance from the Poynton goalie who was then stranded well out of his goal. Dan calmly lobbed the ball from way back near our D into the Poynton net - the ball struggled to roll over the line in the thick mud, and there was a scramble of Poynton players chasing it, but over it finally went.

Final score 11-3

U16 Match Results - Saturday 6th February 2010

Timperley U16 'A' 11 v Brooklands 2

Poynton 11 v Timperley U16 'B' 3

Saturday, 6 February 2010

U12A 6-6 Sheffield

The 100% record is gone, but we maintained our unbeaten season with a gutsy 6-6 draw against a good Sheffield team, who really fancied picking us off today. Missing three of our year 7 boys, we anticipated a tough game, and we got it, but the team were ultimately well worth the draw.
This was a very up and down game for us, as we were outscored in every quarter bar the third. We started slowly and took time to adjust to the pace of the game, and we couldn’t match the commitment of the 3 or 4 Sheffield boys who were running their team, losing the first quarter 1-2 and the second quarter 1-3, giving a half time score of 2-5. We had barely threatened the Sheffield goal, with our attacking play lacking ideas and fluency, but we were kept in the game by solid defending and goalkeeping. Four minutes of penalties in the second quarter did nothing to help our cause either.
It really needed someone to stand up and take control, and today that person was Dan Walker. He started winning some possession at the face, and scored 2 goals to get us back in the game, and we ended the quarter 6-5 up. The final quarter saw us face an onslaught of constant attacking by Sheffield, and they eventually got the equaliser, and then we held on for the final couple of minutes to get the draw we deserved.

This was our toughest game of the season, and it highlighted certain deficiencies. At times in this game, our commitment and technique to win the groundball and then retain posession was simply not good enough, and it almost cost us the game. If we have the ball, the opposition cannot score – it is as simple as that.
Positively, this was Sheffield’s strongest team, and they played well, but we got the draw in spite of missing key players and generally underperforming. We must take heart from this.

Next week, we play Brooklands at home.

Goals / (Assists)
Walker 3, E Loveland 2, Phillips 1, Callaghan (1), Townsley (1), Hirst (1)

U12B 0-13 Norbury

Monday, 1 February 2010

U 14s A team League Match vs Mellor (away)

Goals …… Nathan (1), Charlie (1), Joe (1), Grady (1), Lucas (2), Tim (4), Alex (6)

Assists ………. Pick (1), Tim (2), Alex (3), Joe (2)

Everyone contributed and played well in a match contested on a difficult surface – very uneven and in places still frozen.

Mellor offered some resistance in the 1st and 2nd quarters in the shape of their #9, who also appeared to be the smallest individual on the field.

But once the lads got to grips with defending with the body rather than stick chasing, they remained largely in control of an enjoyable game.

Well done all !

U 14s B team Cup Match vs Sheffield (away) by Paul Peachey

A valiant effort by our B team Cup squad against a larger Sheffield squad than when we played the A team against them earlier in the season. We were tight on numbers with 3 down from our usual squad. In the first quarter, we went 4 down but matters could have been far worse if not for some excellent saves from Adam in goal. The team settled in the second quarter and only one goal was conceded with the defense taking shape and a few runs through to goal beginning up front. In the third, Sheffield, with a commanding lead, began to go in harder and unfortunately Oliver took the full brunt of a take out from one of the larger opposition players. After a few minutes on the touch line to catch his, breath….Oliver stepped back into play and after a great pass from Tom, turned, twisted and aimed for goal……..SUCCESS…we were on the score sheet thanks to a brilliant goal from Ollie! Sheffield got a few more in but we saw strong play from Freddie – whose athleticism took him to both ends of the pitch and he was often in the heart of the action. Tom, who worked hard all match, popped in a well earned No. 2 goal in the last quarter. Harry and George provided some good play with Will also getting in the action on the wings. Theo provided strong leadership which helped the defense in particular and Seb and James also did their bit against a strong Sheffield team. Final word goes to Adam, who had an excellent game and not only impressed us but also the opposition with his numerous saves! Well done lads – a hard match but we were proud of your effort and play (Final score 18-2).

U14 'A' v Mellor Cup Match Report - Saturday 23rd January - by Paul Peachey

The snow had gone; one (delayed) training session of the New Year under their belt and the Timperley U14s A cup squad got off to a flying start against Mellor. A 16 - 6 win showing that Timperley mean business this cup season!

With 15 players in our cup A team squad, the team played well and the skilled play flowed nicely. Tim got us off to a flying start with a cracker of goal giving us a confident start.

Goals as follows;

Tim N - 2 with an assist from Harry

Alex W - 6 with assists Luca, Charlie & Joe

Harry M - 3 with assists from Alex and Josh B

Grady 1 - assisted by Alex

Joe H 2 & Charlie, Pick and Nathan 1 a piece

The defence team showed some strong play and James got in a couple of important saves.

Sunday, 31 January 2010

U16 Match Results

Two sets of scores to add:

Sat 23rd January

Timperley U16 'A' 9 v Sheffield 7 (Cup game - team progress to semi-finals)
Mellor 15 v Timperley U16 'B' 1 (Plate game - end of the road for the team)

Sat 30th January

Cheadle 10 v Timperley U16 'A' 8
Timperley U16 'B' 5 v Ashton 2 ( a tremendous victory)

Match reports to follow

Saturday, 30 January 2010

U12A 10 Cheadle 9

This was always going to be an interesting morning, with all our year 7 boys unavailable as they were playing for the U14B. This left what was essentially an U11 team playing against Cheadle, who, like us, have reached the semi finals of the Onondaga Cup.
We got ourselves into a 4 goal lead early in the second quarter playing some nice lacrosse, but then the wheels fell off in a big way (a general inability to retain possession through poor decision making, bad ground ball, inability to clear, poor passing, not concentrating – you name it and we did it) and Cheadle scored the next 5 goals without reply leaving us 4-5 down at half time. I don’t think any of this team has played in a game where they’ve been behind for a length of time but come back to win, and it was an interesting half time team talk by Nelly, trying to get the boys’ heads up again. Cheadle scored a sixth unanswered goal early in the third quarter and things looked over for us. However, two quick goals from Ed Loveland galvanised the team, and a goal in the last second of the third quarter by Dan Walker saw us level at 7-7. We then got our noses in front early in the fourth quarter and managed to remain there, mainly through the outstanding goalkeeping of Matthew Stewart who made numerous saves at close range.

Matches like this are good for the spectator, and also good for the boys. The ease with which we usually win matches is not really the norm for lacrosse. More often, games are tight and are won by one or two goals. We have learned a lot today, about the 4 B team players who came in and played well (Will Callaghan, on his A team debut, looked really comfortable) and also how the younger A team players reacted to the pressure of leading the team.

The two performances of the day were by Matthew Stewart in goal and Ed Loveland in attack – they continued how they have been playing all season and gave the team the belief they could actually win the game.

E Loveland 5(+1 assist), Hirst 2(+1), Crosby 1(+1), Hunn 1(+1), Walker 1, Callaghan (2 assists)

Saturday, 23 January 2010

U12A 19 Heaton Mersey 3

This weekend saw the second round of the Onondaga Cup, against a Heaton Mersey team we had beaten easily at the start of the season. For the first time this season all 14 of the A team squad were available (the scent of cup glory must be in the air) and with Mersey only having 9 players, the result was never really in doubt.
It turned out to be a routine win where we never really sparkled, but played some solid lacrosse. The attack took the headlines today, scoring 12 goals between them as they all cashed in on the good work of the midfield, by more often than not, being in the right place at the right time. Ed Loveland in particular, gave his defender a morning to forget.

E Loveland 5 goals (2 assists), Hunn 4(1), O Loveland 3(1), Hirst 3(1), Crosby 1(1), Ball 1, Harris 1, Walker 1

The semi final draw has yet to be made, but the game is not until March 13th. However, we have a challenging schedule against Sheffield, Brooklands, Spencer (a touring team from London) and Cheadle in the next few weeks, plus the welcome distraction of the 6 a side and National 8 a side tournaments.
The success of any team is measured in terms of what cups are won – the win / loss record is secondary to the silverware we can gather by the end of the season. The next 6 weeks will go a long way to define how this U12 group of boys will be remembered – this is very much the business part of the season and we need to continue attending training and learning the game from Nelly and Rory.

Thanks to U19s Adam Legg and George Allen for refereeing the match – free from controversy, so well done!

U12B 5 Wacs 9

Written by David Shuttleworth
I thought we played quite well against Wacs but they just had the edge and particularly had a couple of decent midfielders. However, I thought the area where they were better was in their organisation and teamwork - basically because they were older and more experienced than us.