Saturday, 20 November 2010

Timperley U16 Match Away at Cheadle Saturday 20th November 2010

Another sunnny Saturday morning and another away match - this time at Cheadle. Once our hosts had worked out what pitch we were to play on, the game got underway and it wasn't long before Timperley scored. A strong first quarter saw Timperley leading 6-0.
We kept a clean sheet for the 2nd quarter too with Barney saving a rare couple of shots from an increasingly weary Cheadle team, first half score 14-0. James came on as Goalie for the second half and despite a early shot that just crept in to our goal, Timperley held back the home team to this single score. Meanwhile Timperley maintaned it's scoring rate ending the 3rd quarter at 20-1 and then achieving the final score of 25-1. Although a poor effort from Cheadle, we saw good discipline from the Timperley boys as well as improved handling on grass - much better than last week at Mellor in very similar conditions.

A few Stats;

Toby 6 goals 4 assists
Myles 6 Goals 2 assists
Jack 4 Goals 1 assist
Dan 1 Goal
Cameron 2 Goals 3 Assiss
Charlie E 1 Goal
Nathan 2 Goal
Alex 3 Goals 1 assist
Charlie M & Tom 1 assist each

Next week Home vs Wilmslow - and to ensure we keep up this progress on grass we may play on grass at TLC - so bring boots too.

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