Sunday, 21 February 2010

U16 'A' v Heaton Mersey Saturday 20th February

This was a prelude to the cup semi-final in March. All the coaches and managers joked before thegame - 'it's all about taking part, it's about the boys learning and enjoying themselves' - rubbish, this was all about winning.

Heaton Mersey were up for this from the start, attacking the Timperley defence and for the first five minutes things were looking rather desperate. Until Tomb went on a charging run, came left and fired on goal to score. That was better, it seemed to settle our nerves. The second quarter saw Cam Parks get fired up and force a direct attacking style of play that the team responded to, and we got two goals from this to HM's one, leaving us ahead 2-3 at half-time.

Coach Justin gave his customary halftime talk encouraging the lads and we went out on the offensive. Ged Scrace was brilliant as longpole middie, charging on and off the pitch as the game flowed, talking the team up all the time. We saw three more goals from Toby, Tomb and Myles to end the quarter 3-6.

Then it all went pear shaped. Heaton Mersey clawed their way back into the game, scoring 5 goals. There seemed to be nothing we could do to stop them, we had snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Then Cam got angry again, stormed their goal and scored, giving us hope again - the score was now 8-7. A goalmouth scramble saw Myles score one of the most important goals of the season, did he kick it in, push it in - who cares it went in to take us 8-8. One minute left on the clock, the game was going our way, Tomb charged again, passed to Tom Sandy on crease who scored - then the final whistle. We had won 8-9. Bring on the semi-final.

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