Monday, 26 July 2010

TLC U14s vs. Maryland Express - Opening match

After all the excitment of the 'Maryland Express' arriving followed by the Mud Fest that is Manley Mere, TLC U14s faced their first match against our touring guests.

The rain had gone, the sun was shining....things were looking good. Would Timperely find their form? Had Maryland shaken off their jetlag?

Q1 saw 1 goal a piece: for TLC it was Tim 'nuke 'em Nicol who got Timperley on the scoresheet and Maryland's No 16 balancing the score.

Q2 saw Timperley lose the plot with Maryland's 19, 13, 15 & 16 doing the business, however Whirlwind Winton helped pull one back. 2-5 was the end of quarter score!

In Q3, Maryland's 22 got a further goal resulting in an end of quarter score of 2-6.

The last quarter and after a severe talking to from the coaches - would Timperley get back in the game? Despite a valiant goal from Jumpin' Joe Harris, 4 more hit the back of the net from Maryland 's 2, 19, and a double from No 8.

Final score TLC 3 Maryland 10. Timperley seemed to start well enough but their form and enthusiam waned whereas Maryland built in confidence and stormed to a clear victory. Well done Maryland and today you showed you were one hell of an Express!

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