Saturday, 9 October 2010

Timperley U16 Boys vs Brooklands Saturday 9th October

Third match of the season and we were at home against the old rivals - Brooklands. The omens were looking good - a full squad turn out, a new team, playing at home and the sun was shining.
Despite the balance of play being with Timperley, with good attacking play, Brooklands managed to get a couple of breaks and on one of these their No.1 got their first goal.Q1 ended 0-1.
We also had an injured Barney on our hands.
Q2 was a disaster, resulting in 4 more goals for Brooklands but persistence was rewarded with Toby pulling one back for Timperley.
We changed goalie at half time and Barney went off for treatment. Q3 saw a revival for Timperley with Tim Nicol scoring 2 good goals but unfortunately Brooklands No. 6 got his first of the match. 3-6 was the score as we entered Q4.
Stronger play by Timperley in the last quarter with a couple of good saves from James better attacking play but alas no more goals. 3-6 Final score.
6 a side tomorrow - all(Cameron, Charlie E, Tim N, Dan P, Joe H, Toby H, Jack C, James S) meet at Mellor for 12 noon.

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