Saturday, 20 November 2010

U12A 26-5 Cheadle [20th Nov]

Another good win for the U12A. Cheadle had two or three players who posed some problems, but ultimately we simply overwhelmed them, scoring at least 6 goals in every quarter.
Cheadle didn't have a full team so the game was 8 a side. This caused us an issue or two at the back where we only had two defenders, but gave the midfield and attack huge amounts of room to play in, and score some great goals.
The lesson to be learned from today is the need to mark more closely when defending, and to not allow your opponent to drift into space. Early on this was a problem but we saw an improvement during the match which was gratifying to see.
The attack cashed in today on the goalscoring front, but this was only due to the hard work from the rest of the team. The quality of the passing and the movement to create the chance is just as important, and we did this really well today.

Loveland 7, Hunn 5, Kinghorn 5, Cox 4, Crosby 2, Townsley 1, Wasim 1, Williamson 1

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