Saturday, 13 November 2010

U12A 22-1 Brooklands [13th Nov]

This was a fine win against our local rivals Brooklands. The A team reformed today after three weeks of red / blue matches, and played some of their best lacrosse of the season.
The game was over after ten minutes, when we had secured a 5-0 lead and Brooklands took the free clear. This led to a bit more pressure on our midfield and defence and slowed our rate of scoring slightly, but it was good to be posed some problems.
We are by no means perfect and, in spite of winning easily every week, the boys have to recognise this. They need to be continually striving to better themselves and their team by giving 100% at training. The next step is to start reading and understanding the game better instead of simply responding to instructions from the sideline.
The next month gives us interesting matches against Cheadle, Stockport and Sheffield (at home thankfully!) before our defence of the Onondaga Trophy begins on Dec 11th.

Cox 9, Loveland 3, Hunn 3, Crosby 3, Kinghorn 3, Callaghan 1

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