Saturday, 23 October 2010

U12 results

U12 'Red' 26-2 Mellor
U12 'Blue' 16-3 Boardman & Eccles

The Red and Blue approach took place for the first time today, with the whole of the U12 squad being split into two roughly equal teams, combining A and B players together. The result was that the U12 managed two really convincing wins, the Red team winning in the pouring rain and thick mud at Mellor, whilst the B team stayed slightly cleaner, but no drier, whilst winning at home against this year's new U12 entrants, Boardman & Eccles.
The ten boys playing for the Red team were led by Oliver Crosby and Ed Loveland, who scored 14 goals between them, and the team managed the rare feat of everyone (including Matthew Stewart in goal) getting on the scoresheet. The way the boys worked for this was really good to see.
The Blue team was equally as successful against Boardman, who struggled to cope with the midfield strength of Will Callaghan, Adam Kinghorn and Ben Williamson. Timperley scored all the goals in the match as the Boardman goals were scored by players we had loaned to them for the morning!

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