Saturday, 30 October 2010

U12 results

U12 'Red' 8-3 Poynton
U12 'Blue' 4-4 Rochdale

Two close matches this week for the U12, playing under the guise of Red and Blue. Both teams were short on numbers, meaning that everybody got a lot of game time today.
The Red team took on a Poynton team who are always competitive, and made heavy weather of an 8-3 win. We started well, getting to a 4-1 quarter time lead, but could not keep this up for the whole 60 minutes. Our lacrosse didn't really sparkle, Poynton had a reasonable goalkeeper but we were ultimately too strong for them. Matthew Stewart (in goal) had the most action all season and was well up to it, and is becoming increasing mobile on the clear. Oliver Crosby and Joe Hunn scored three each, with Dan Walker and Marius Robinson getting the other two.
The Blue team travelled up to Rochdale, and secured a 4-4 draw, which, I gather, came about because the Rochdale goalie played a blinder. The balance of play was definitely with Timperley.
The (short term) Red / Blue split is definitely working, as the A team players are having to work harder, and the B team players are being made to play in a more structured manner, which is preparing them well for the future.

Timperley U16s result Sat 30th October vs SMG

Stockport almost got through to the finals the other week af the 6 a side tournament but were knocked out by Mellor who then beat us in the final - so we were expecting a good match.

Timperley got off to a strong start resulting with a 5 goal lead to nil at the end of the quarter. Obviously the midi & attack play was strong as well as the defence & goalkeeping working well to keep a clean sheet.

SMG pulled 2 back on the trot at the beginning of Q2 but fortunately Timperley bounced back scoring a further 5 goals - end of Q2 score; 2-10.

At half time we set our target - continue the 5 goals per quarter and let no more than 3 more goals in for SMG. The target was met and exceeded with a 4-16 score at the end of Q3 followed by a final score of 5 - 21.

Well done lads - scorers as follows;

Harry Mann 5 / Toby Hawksley 4 / Myles Anderson, Nathan Walker and Alex Winton 3 / Joe Harris, Charlie Murray, Cameron Parkes 1

Good assists all round but with particualy note - Cameron, Myles & Toby.

Training as normal Weds followed by away match on 6th Nov (Norbury I think - but will confirm Weds / Thurs).

Saturday, 23 October 2010

U12 results

U12 'Red' 26-2 Mellor
U12 'Blue' 16-3 Boardman & Eccles

The Red and Blue approach took place for the first time today, with the whole of the U12 squad being split into two roughly equal teams, combining A and B players together. The result was that the U12 managed two really convincing wins, the Red team winning in the pouring rain and thick mud at Mellor, whilst the B team stayed slightly cleaner, but no drier, whilst winning at home against this year's new U12 entrants, Boardman & Eccles.
The ten boys playing for the Red team were led by Oliver Crosby and Ed Loveland, who scored 14 goals between them, and the team managed the rare feat of everyone (including Matthew Stewart in goal) getting on the scoresheet. The way the boys worked for this was really good to see.
The Blue team was equally as successful against Boardman, who struggled to cope with the midfield strength of Will Callaghan, Adam Kinghorn and Ben Williamson. Timperley scored all the goals in the match as the Boardman goals were scored by players we had loaned to them for the morning!

Sunday, 17 October 2010

U12A 20-2 Cheadle Hulme

Another straightforward win for the A team against a Cheadle Hulme team we had already beaten this season. In the absence of both his fellow starting midfielders, Will Callaghan led the way with lots of possession from the face, and he was rewarded with a five goal haul - his highest of the season so far. Dan Walker also impressed today, playing long stick middie for the first time. This simply added another dimension to our game, and required the midfielders to keep an eye on the state of the game and be aware of the constant substitutions that the LSM position requires.
Callaghan 5, Hunn 3, Cox 3, Hirst 2, Loveland 2, Townsley 2, Jamie 2, Williamson 1

U12B 11-5 Wacs

"We played well" (D Shuttleworth)

Sunday, 10 October 2010

U 16s 6 a side tournament @ Mellor Sunday 10th October

An impressive effort by our U16s resulting in them reaching the final of but alas, the home side of Mellor beat us 3-1 to take the cup off Timperley.

It was an afternoon of thrilling play - we basked in beautiful autumn sunshine at Mellor whilst the 8 teams went to battle!

The results were as followed;
Timperley WIN 9 Boardman 2
Sheffield 6 Timperley 6 DRAW
Mellor B 1 Timperley 9 WIN
Heaton Mersey 0 - Timperley 5

This successful run resulted in Timperley playing Poynton in one of the semi finals, winning 3-1 and Mellor A beat Sheffield in the other semi.
So we went to the final against Mellor and sadly lost.
However the team should be proud of their efforts - they played well and I am confident that they will continue to grow as a team throughout the rest of the season.

Unlucky lads.

Paul Peachey

Saturday, 9 October 2010

U12A results week 3

Timperley A 14-0 Oldham
Timperley A 10-0 Stockport
Today's matches were played at Oldham, which, in complete contrast to Timperley, was cold & windy with the odd spot of rain thrown in.
None of this put off the U12A team, as we came away with two more comprehensive victories. Oldham were first up, and although they tried hard, never troubled us, and we won easily.
We had drawn with Stockport at a tournament over the summer so they fancied themselves to give us a game - however it was not to be. We started the game with our most experienced line up and after a couple of Stockport chances, we simply took control and ended up winning the game comfortably.
Cox 6, Loveland 4, Kinghorn 4, Crosby 3, Hunn 3, Hirst 1, Townsley 1, Jamie 1, Robins 1.

This team boasts so much experience - we have 9 players who have Onondaga winner's medals from last season, and 2 others who played A team last year. Add to this 3 or 4 more competent players, and we are looking good. Personally, I am really enjoying the defence with its excellent handling of three long poles - they intimidate the opposition and give us a really strong platform for winning games. To have so far only conceded one goal this season, Matt, Dan, Harun and Patrick should be really pleased with the excellent job they are doing for the team.

U12B results week 3

Timperley B 1-3 Rochdale
Timperley B 1-9 Poynton

Timperley U16 Boys vs Brooklands Saturday 9th October

Third match of the season and we were at home against the old rivals - Brooklands. The omens were looking good - a full squad turn out, a new team, playing at home and the sun was shining.
Despite the balance of play being with Timperley, with good attacking play, Brooklands managed to get a couple of breaks and on one of these their No.1 got their first goal.Q1 ended 0-1.
We also had an injured Barney on our hands.
Q2 was a disaster, resulting in 4 more goals for Brooklands but persistence was rewarded with Toby pulling one back for Timperley.
We changed goalie at half time and Barney went off for treatment. Q3 saw a revival for Timperley with Tim Nicol scoring 2 good goals but unfortunately Brooklands No. 6 got his first of the match. 3-6 was the score as we entered Q4.
Stronger play by Timperley in the last quarter with a couple of good saves from James better attacking play but alas no more goals. 3-6 Final score.
6 a side tomorrow - all(Cameron, Charlie E, Tim N, Dan P, Joe H, Toby H, Jack C, James S) meet at Mellor for 12 noon.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

U12A results week 2

Timperley A 20-0 Ashton
Timperley A 12-1 Cheadle Hulme
Two more comprehensive wins for the A team today, as both opponents were seen off without any real trouble. Ashton was the easier of the two games, but this was a nice warm up for what Cheadle Hulme could throw our way. This was the potentially more interesting game as Cheadle Hulme look to be one of the better teams this season, but we did the business and gave them something to think about for the future.
Kinghorn 8, Crosby 4, Callaghan 4, Townsley 4, Hirst 3, Hunn 3, Robins 3, Wasim 1, Walker 1, own goal 1

U12B results week 2

Timperley B 0-9 Stockport
Timperley B 0-4 Heaton Mersey Guild

Saturday, 2 October 2010

WACS vs TIMPERLEY U16s - Saturday 2 October 2010

The second match of the season saw a below strength WACS team succumb to an ever improving Timperley.

After loaning a couple of players to help WACS, Timperley went down 1 goal but then Cameron soon evened up the score line. WACS then got one more in the first quarter but this was more than matched by Tim Nicol scoring a belter and then Whirlwind Winton cranked into gear with a great goal. Cameron finished off the quarter with his second, resulting in 2-4 scoreline.

Thanks to some important saves from Barnie - that was it in terms of WACS scoring for the rest of the match. The game continued to go Timperley's way with Toby getting his first of the match, Alex 2 more and Cameron 1 more, resulting in 2-8 score a the end of Q2.

Quarter 3 saw a Hat trick for Toby, 1 for Tim and 1 more for Alex. We swopped goalies for Q4 and Myles, Charlie Murray & Joe got their first goals of the match - talking the final score to 2 - 16.

Even though WACS were a weak team, we saw much better play all round from Timperley and some good assists helping to deliver the strong scoreline. Nathan also made some excellent passes after making his trademark strong runs.

All good practice for Brooklands next week!

Remember the 6 a side next Sunday - it looks like we'll be entering 1 team and details will be finalised at Training on Wednesday - but please confirm your availability to me asap.