Saturday, 10 April 2010

U14 Centurion Cup Flags Final: Brooklands vs Timperley

Well, after a successful season, triumph for Timperley in the cup was not to be. Brooklands were the superior team on the day and despite some valiant efforts across the team, Timperley were not on form and the hungrier team won. And Brooklands were hungry; as despite reaching the final on at least 4 previous occasions without success, they were determined to break this run. They did so with an efficiency in the first quarter leaving Timperley 6 - 0 down. The second quarter saw a stabilisation of the game with 1 a piece with some strong play from Nathan Walker and Tom Roberts. Timperley's goal was an exhibtion shot from Tim Nicol with a brilliant assist from Charlie Edwards. Unfortunately this wasn't the turning point we hoped and Brooklands marched on. Alex Winton put one on the net but the final score was 17 - 2, untypical of the season for Timperley but a justified win for Brooklands.

The challenge for the team is quite simply - to now lift up your heads, learn from the experience and reform for the 6 a side competion in 2 weeks and then for a new season!

And finally, well done for getting to the final - it shows that Timperley is a good team and has the potential to time we need to make sure we do!

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