Saturday, 25 September 2010

U12A results week 1

Timperley A 20-0 Wilmslow
Timperley A 13-0 Poynton
Two very conclusive victories this morning, as the season finally got underway.
This team almost picks itself, with 10 players returning from last season's victorious A team, and it is simply a case of the new boys slotting into an already good team. It is evident that the whole team can handle the ball and we looked really effective in transition, with the ball moving effortlessly from defence, to midfield, to attack.
This team can really go places this season, but it has to remain focussed and do the fundamentals properly, even when we are winning by a huge score. We are good already, and we have 6 months of lacrosse to get even better. Given that the basics are already in place, this season will be a case of coaching the boys how to play their game at a higher level. This is the challenge I want to set for this team. Not just to win, but to win in a manner that will set them up for the U14 next season.
Today's goals
Cox 10, Loveland 8, Crosby 4, Callaghan 3, Robins 3, Hunn 2, Kinghorn 2, Townsley 1

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