Saturday, 27 November 2010

U14 6-15 Cheadle [27th Nov]

U12A v Stockport [27th Nov]

Game cancelled due to weather

U12B 2-11 Wilmslow [27th Nov]

U16s Match Report Sat 27th November vs Wilmslow

A good solid performance from the boys against Wilmsow. Nathan, in goal, kept a clean sheet - well done and thanks for helping us out. The defence were on good form, particularly in the first quarter which helped get an early advantage along with the first few goals from Alex and Tim in the first quarter.

Goals & Assists:
Alex continues to go from strengh to strength scoring 3 goals as well as assisting in at least 1
Tim got 3 and also assisted in at least 1
Cam got 1 in and assisted in 1
Myles was on good form getting 3 in the back of the net
Charlie M and Toby picked up 1 goal each
Other assists were from Joe, Ged and Charlie M.
Final Score 12-0


Wednesday, 24 November 2010

All Lacrosse Teams - Immportant!!

Donations are needed for the Chocolate Tombola for the TLC Xmas Fair on Saturday 18th December at the club.

Please bring donations to the club every Weds training sessions and / or Saturday match days and leave at the club.

Many thanks,


Saturday, 20 November 2010

U12A 26-5 Cheadle [20th Nov]

Another good win for the U12A. Cheadle had two or three players who posed some problems, but ultimately we simply overwhelmed them, scoring at least 6 goals in every quarter.
Cheadle didn't have a full team so the game was 8 a side. This caused us an issue or two at the back where we only had two defenders, but gave the midfield and attack huge amounts of room to play in, and score some great goals.
The lesson to be learned from today is the need to mark more closely when defending, and to not allow your opponent to drift into space. Early on this was a problem but we saw an improvement during the match which was gratifying to see.
The attack cashed in today on the goalscoring front, but this was only due to the hard work from the rest of the team. The quality of the passing and the movement to create the chance is just as important, and we did this really well today.

Loveland 7, Hunn 5, Kinghorn 5, Cox 4, Crosby 2, Townsley 1, Wasim 1, Williamson 1

U12B 2-4 Norbury [20th Nov]

U14 7-7 Mellor [20th Nov]

Timperley U16 Match Away at Cheadle Saturday 20th November 2010

Another sunnny Saturday morning and another away match - this time at Cheadle. Once our hosts had worked out what pitch we were to play on, the game got underway and it wasn't long before Timperley scored. A strong first quarter saw Timperley leading 6-0.
We kept a clean sheet for the 2nd quarter too with Barney saving a rare couple of shots from an increasingly weary Cheadle team, first half score 14-0. James came on as Goalie for the second half and despite a early shot that just crept in to our goal, Timperley held back the home team to this single score. Meanwhile Timperley maintaned it's scoring rate ending the 3rd quarter at 20-1 and then achieving the final score of 25-1. Although a poor effort from Cheadle, we saw good discipline from the Timperley boys as well as improved handling on grass - much better than last week at Mellor in very similar conditions.

A few Stats;

Toby 6 goals 4 assists
Myles 6 Goals 2 assists
Jack 4 Goals 1 assist
Dan 1 Goal
Cameron 2 Goals 3 Assiss
Charlie E 1 Goal
Nathan 2 Goal
Alex 3 Goals 1 assist
Charlie M & Tom 1 assist each

Next week Home vs Wilmslow - and to ensure we keep up this progress on grass we may play on grass at TLC - so bring boots too.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

U16s Boys Away at Mellor Sat 13th November 2010

Away at Mellor

Mellor are an improving team, beginning to bite at the heels of Sheffield & Brooklands. They showed us at the 6 a side, that they could put up a good show, beating us in the final 3-1.

Well - it was a close run thing with both teams putting up a good effort. However, Mellor generally lead throughout resulting in a 13-10 win.

Myles, Cameron and Toby scored 2 a piece with Nathan, Dan, Charlie M and Joe getting 1 each. Cameron & Toby provided 2 assists with Tim & Charlie M getting 1 assist each.

In conclusion - a steady performance - we could have won but we lost momentum through struggling with ball skills on the lumpy grass and not putting in the extra effort that a good opposition and a sticky pitch demands.

Finally, on pitch and side line discipline needs to be improved - all calls must go through the coaches (off side calls etc). We must direct our energies at good game play - not shouting at fellow players or at the coaches.

Paul Peachey

U12A 22-1 Brooklands [13th Nov]

This was a fine win against our local rivals Brooklands. The A team reformed today after three weeks of red / blue matches, and played some of their best lacrosse of the season.
The game was over after ten minutes, when we had secured a 5-0 lead and Brooklands took the free clear. This led to a bit more pressure on our midfield and defence and slowed our rate of scoring slightly, but it was good to be posed some problems.
We are by no means perfect and, in spite of winning easily every week, the boys have to recognise this. They need to be continually striving to better themselves and their team by giving 100% at training. The next step is to start reading and understanding the game better instead of simply responding to instructions from the sideline.
The next month gives us interesting matches against Cheadle, Stockport and Sheffield (at home thankfully!) before our defence of the Onondaga Trophy begins on Dec 11th.

Cox 9, Loveland 3, Hunn 3, Crosby 3, Kinghorn 3, Callaghan 1

U12B 6-7 Oldham [13th Nov]

U14 16-9 Heaton Mersey [13th Nov]

Saturday, 6 November 2010

U12 results [6th Nov]

U12 'Red' 30-0 Heaton Mersey Guild
U12 'Blue' 23-1 Heaton Mersey

Goals galore on the astros at Stockport Road today, as the U12 Red and Blue teams made short work of their opponents. Timperley were simply too good for the opposition - the tactic of spreading the A team boys across two teams has resulted in us having two strong teams, instead of one very strong one.
Next week is the much anticipated match up with local rivals Brooklands, and for this the A team will play together again. The B team travel to Oldham which will give a good indication of how much they have learned over the last three weeks of mixed team play.

U16 Boys vs Norbury Saturday 6th November 2010

Away at Norbury.

The skies were (surprisingly) clear and the sun was shining. Once we had suceeded in parking our cars (no mean feet at Norbury!) - the boys took to the field and the game got underway.
It wasn't long before Myles scored the first goal and it was a cracker - a strong pass from Toby in the centre and a missile delivery to the back of the net. Next to score was Harry assited by Tim. Norbury's No. 47 pulled one back and then Cameron got his first and Harry his second (assisted by Toby). Myles went onto score his second with Toby ably assisting. End of Q1: 5-1 to Timperley.

As we entered Q2,Toby got his first goal and Cameron his second and then Nathan commenced his onslaught putting 2 goals past the Norbury keeper. James showed real form in goal with a couple of good saves, however Norbury put 2 goals past him resulting in a 9-3 scoreline at the end of the quarter.

Q3 saw the return of Barney in goal and he kept a clean sheet and Myles got 2 (Toby assiting 1), Jack got 1, Harry his 3rd, and Cameron his 3rd. End of Q3 14-3 to Timperley.

We let Norbury recover in the last quarter with them putting 4 past Barney - but Cameron got his 4th making the final score 15-7 to Timperley.

Another good performance, well done lads. Top scorers - Cameron 7 Myes (4 a piece) / Top assists - Toby 3 followed by Tim (2).

Mellor away next week - so make sure you make training on Wednesday as it will be more of a test for us on Saturday 13th.