Saturday, 20 March 2010

Saturday 20th March: Timperley U14 A vs. Sheffield

Well a few weekends of 'practise' matches before the final so it is important that the boys use these matches as good preparation for the flags final in April.

We have had mixed experiences with Sheffield in the past, however they did declare that they were leaving their older & bigger players to play in the Sheffield U16s team - this was disappointing as the stronger the competition that we play prior to the final, the better the preparation. Anyway - how would Timperley rise to the occasion?

The teams took to the field with Sheffield looking quite big despite leaving their 'big boys' behind! It wasn't long before we had the answer with Lucas 'Hot Shot' Almond firing in 3 goal in quick succession. This was followed by Charlie 'Legs' Edwards doing hs usual pick up in D then a full pitch run and an efficient execution into the Sheffield net. 'Nuke 'Em' Nicol, had fired himself up and got the last goal in Q 1 (Timperely 5-0 up) and then kicked off the Q2 with a cracker. In a relativeley quiet quarter, Grady got on the scoresheet with an excellent shot. Nathan the 'Cheetah' showing some great form in running up field and having a crack at goal.

Entering Q3, Timperley were 7 goals up and had a clean sheet. 6 goals followed in this quarter: Pick assisted by Alex, 2 more for Nuke 'Em, One for Joe H (assist from Legs Edwards) and with Grady showing real form - 2 more for him, with one almost shot from ground level!

At this point we called a time out to respond to a distress call from our U16s B team who were fielding only 8 players in their match against Boardman & Eccles -so off went Tom Roberts and 'Donkey Legs' Peachey to assist. Back to the Sheffield game - Q3 ended 13 up with 'Safe Hands' Smethurst keeping his valuable clean sheet with additional support from James Littlewood playing an even more important role in defence now! Nathan was rested due to a troublesome ankle and Simon Briggs showed good form in stepping into the game up front. Connor also showed how determined he was in his first game for Timperley A team with some great blocks, tackles and some nice passing.

So into the final quarter and 'Whirlwind' Winton getting his first in the game followed by Josh 'The Stig' Blower assisting Nuke 'Em. Pick got his second of the game assisted by Lucas. 2 more followed from Nuke Em and a very important save from Safe Hands. Stig Blower then got his first well earned goal from an excellent look from Nuke Em. This was followed by a goal from Nuke Em assisted by Pick with Stig getting goal 21 in - just before the full time whistle was blown.

Despite the score, it wasn't an 'easy match' and the Timperley boys showed real skill. talent and determination throughout the game which does give us justfied confidence as we move closer to the Final. Well done lads - keep it up!

Paul Peachey

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