Sunday, 7 March 2010


Following an unconvincing run over the last few weeks, how were we going to do in this critical match? Littlewood and Roberts were missing due to injury (thanks for coming down Tom to support)...... The sun was shining and after a poor run of attendance, The Manager was back! Then Cheadle arrived......and they looked more beefy than ever'! Timperley warmed up in an uncharacterisitic silence. Could this concentration and focus see us through? Would our confidence return?
Face off.....could we sneak one in and get that boost of self belief? But alas the Cheadle No 3 took aim and we were 1 down! PANTS! We needed to come back and it wasn't long before Whirlwind Winton went into action...took aim and...FIRE...on target and we'd equalised. Cheadle pulled one back to go into the lead but then Jumping Joe Harris equalised just before the end of Quarter 1. It was clear....we were gonna have a cracking game!
Second quarter...and unfortunately this is where my scoring notes suffer as it was getting pretty nerve wracking on the touchline! So bear with me, this is what I can recall. The second quarter was even matched with a further 2 goals Alex and James 'The Hacker' Hackett - scoring 2 of his trademark ground / low shots. Despite this progress, Cheadle No. 18 - 'The Refridgerator' lunged 2 passed James Safehands Smethurst. Quarter 3 saw Timperley create and stretch their lead with Tim Nuke 'Em Nicol finally putting 2 passed the Cheadle Goalie with a great long shot assist from Josh Donkey Legs Peachey. Good clear passing from James S helped push the game up field. Pick showed some impressive play from behind goal, often out running the Cheadle defence. Final Quarter - could we hold the lead...could we book our place in the final? Disaster - we started losing our lead with a shaky period - Cheadle scored, then just when we needed it Charlie Legs Edwards did his long Ostrich leg run and put one in the back of the net, Tim also scored again but as we entered the last 5 minutes of play, Cheadle got 2 goals in 2 minutes, at his rate , they could equalise by the end of full time! Fortunately Timperley held their nerve and the Final whistle went and we'd won 10-8. Much better skills were shown by the team and strong performances were noted from Nathan 'The Cheetah' Walker who is undoubtedly the fastest player in Lacrosse, Josh Blower and Grady who both showed strong determination and persistence. Based on this performance and with further practice, we stand a good chance of winning against Brooklands in the final on 10 April at Rochdale (1pm face off). Well done Lads!

Paul Peachey

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