Saturday, 20 February 2010

U12A 32-2 Poynton

Our nemesis of last season, Poynton, were buried under an avalanche of goals today by a team that played some truly excellent lacrosse. Poynton have a young team and are obviously rebuilding this season, but take nothing away from the U12; I am sure the way they played today they would have beaten any opponent.
For the whole hour, we passed our way up the pitch and around the goal, and scored some really good team goals with 5 or 6 slick passes prior to a shot. The biggest improvement on last week was the groundball which we were winning cleanly for the whole game.
It is hard not to feel a bit sorry for the opposition in games like this, but they were beaten by a real team performance which even had the Poynton coach muttering admiration in our direction. We practice hard and it is good when it all comes together in a match – is was clinical lacrosse all morning and at no point did we resort to bullying our way to goal or showboating.
Due to the half term holidays we were short of 5 regulars, but the remaining 9, plus Alex Robins and Will Callaghan played tremendously well. The team was reassured by the presence of captain Oli Loveland who ran the game for Timperley with goals and assists. He and his fellow midfielders of Oliver Crosby, James Prickett and Will Callaghan (first goals for the A team today) were the real driving force behind today’s win. Tom Cox sneaked back into the attack for the game and helped himself to a career high 11 goals, and was well assisted by Ed Loveland and Joe Hunn. Matthew Stewart organised his defence of Sam Harris, Dan Walker and Alex Robins really well, and as a unit they marked tightly and cleared the ball easily.

I would still rate our early season victory over Sheffield as a better performance than this one, but the boys who played today really battled for each other and I hope we can take this momentum into the 6 a side, 8 a side and the Onondaga semi final against Cheadle in 3 weeks time.

Goals / (Assists)
Cox 11(1), E Loveland 8(4), O Loveland 4(7), Hunn 4(1), Crosby 2(3), Callaghan 2(3), Prickett 1(1)

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