Saturday, 6 February 2010

U12A 6-6 Sheffield

The 100% record is gone, but we maintained our unbeaten season with a gutsy 6-6 draw against a good Sheffield team, who really fancied picking us off today. Missing three of our year 7 boys, we anticipated a tough game, and we got it, but the team were ultimately well worth the draw.
This was a very up and down game for us, as we were outscored in every quarter bar the third. We started slowly and took time to adjust to the pace of the game, and we couldn’t match the commitment of the 3 or 4 Sheffield boys who were running their team, losing the first quarter 1-2 and the second quarter 1-3, giving a half time score of 2-5. We had barely threatened the Sheffield goal, with our attacking play lacking ideas and fluency, but we were kept in the game by solid defending and goalkeeping. Four minutes of penalties in the second quarter did nothing to help our cause either.
It really needed someone to stand up and take control, and today that person was Dan Walker. He started winning some possession at the face, and scored 2 goals to get us back in the game, and we ended the quarter 6-5 up. The final quarter saw us face an onslaught of constant attacking by Sheffield, and they eventually got the equaliser, and then we held on for the final couple of minutes to get the draw we deserved.

This was our toughest game of the season, and it highlighted certain deficiencies. At times in this game, our commitment and technique to win the groundball and then retain posession was simply not good enough, and it almost cost us the game. If we have the ball, the opposition cannot score – it is as simple as that.
Positively, this was Sheffield’s strongest team, and they played well, but we got the draw in spite of missing key players and generally underperforming. We must take heart from this.

Next week, we play Brooklands at home.

Goals / (Assists)
Walker 3, E Loveland 2, Phillips 1, Callaghan (1), Townsley (1), Hirst (1)

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