Tuesday, 17 November 2009

U19 Match Report - Timperley v Brooklands - by Peter Forster

"Super" Sunday 15.11.09 the "clash of the titans" between the two remaining unbeaten teams in the league. Timperley played host to Brooklands. Timperley's first two matches had been close affairs, whereas the juggernaut which is Brooklands had steamrollered their opposition, scoring a hatful of goals so the Timperley players knew they had a tough one coming.

The match started at a high pace and carried on that way. Brooklands had a lot of possession but the Timperley players stuck to their task and Brooklands were limited to long range shots which the keeper comfortably dealt with. The first quarter ended with only one Timperley goal separating the teams. The second quarter was equally tight with both teams swapping goals and neither getting a clear advantage, but the pressure of being behind began to tell on Brooklands who began to lose control over themselves with some penalties against them. Timperley remained calm and focussed and took advantage of this by playing controlled lacrosse and the first half ended with a two goal lead for Timperley, 4 - 2

Brooklands were used to being way ahead at the half way stage but the half time talk from Justin and Rory ensured that Timperley would not relax and let Brooklands back into it and the pressure on Brooklands showed with Timperley pressing, harassing and scrapping for every ball and quickly passing the ball to create openings. Every member of the squad played their full part to dominate the quarter and more goals from the attackers brought the just reward for the commitment and desire to win shown by the Timperley team. 7 - 3
No let up from Timperley in the last quarter saw the lead extended by a couple of hockey (or was it golf?) shots!! The Timperley defence played like they would rather have their balls nailed to the floor than concede a goal and Brooklands were restricted to long range shots most of which went wide. Final score 9 - 5
It is impossible to single out any player for special praise as the match was a fantastic display of committment, control and desire to win shown by every Timperley player who never let their concentration slip and did not react to any provocation. The coaches Justin and Rory were superb in motivating them and keeping calm (in stark contrast to Brooklands) and they justifiably got the win they deserved.

25 shots, 18 on goal, 9 goals
17 face offs, 5 won
5.5 minutes penalties. Stats provided by Toby "Statto" Hawksley.

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