Monday, 16 November 2009

Saturday 14th November Match Reports for Timperley Boys U14:

Due to a wet pitch at Mellor, the B team match was cancelled late Friday evening so we only had the A team match against Poynton at TLC.

The first thing we noticed about Poynton was that there were a few larger players than we remembered from our first match against them earlier in the season (we won 11-5 then)!
So would the Timperley Boys be intimidated by this? How would we play after our first defeat last week against Brooklands?

The game started and Timperley looked steady, could we get an early goal? Before long Tim scored and Alex added a second. Poynton pulled one back by the end of the first quarter. A promising start and there seemed genuine belief in the team that we could win the match.

In the second quarter we got 2 more - Lucas assisted by Tim and James assisted by Alex, so now we were 4 -1 up. James S and his defensive boys worked well at the back to keep a clean sheet in the quarter.

Third quarter saw quality play in attack from Tim and Lucas with 2 excellent goals from the dynamic duo. Joe added one more assisted by Alex and Poynton pulled back 2 more making the score 7 - 3 as we entered the last quarter.

Despite Poynton scoring one more goal, Tom Roberts (making a great A team debut) scored a well deserved goal and Alex scored 2 more. The last one despite receiving what has to be the most aggressive and out of order slash to his elbow from Poynton's No. 18 who had quite simply resorted to brut force when faced and beaten by Alex's superior lacrosse skills!

Unfortunately Alex had to go Hospital but I am glad to report that he has not broken his arm but has a bad impact injury to his elbow - and this was through his padding!


Hopefully see you Saturday Alex and in the meanime we all wish you a speedy recovery - I'll see the rest of you at training on Wednesday,

Paul Peachey.

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