Monday, 2 November 2009

U16 'A' Match Report - Saturday 31st Oct. Heaton Mersey 4 v U16 'A' 7

The Timperley U16 'A' tean magic continued on Saturday with a 7-4 away win against Heaton Mersey.

The boys travelled with a squad of just 10 players. The 'B' team who were at home to Mellor had just 9 players - we were 5 players down, with families being away for the half-term break.

While Mellor arrived with 9 players making for an even game, the 'A' team were staring at a Heaton Mersey squad of 17 players. Hmm..10 against 17, things weren't looking too good.
Things looked even worse after chatting to their coach. The words 'our boys are really up for this', 'we want to avenge our defeat in the 6-a-side cup', 'everyone wants to beat Timperley'...the lads were in for a tough game.

Coach Wylo left me with some very specific instructions, stuff about switching the mid-off attack, fly-pass, go long, go short - I can't remember what he said it was far too complicated for me. I asked the lads in the car if they knew what he was waffling on about - 'Don't worry about it we know what he means' was their confident reply.

The boys made a confident start to the game, calmly slotting away two goals in the first five minutes. HM looked rattled, especially when they failed to score after an sustained 8 minute attack period. We kept giving the ball away with loose passes, but HM were unable to break through our defence. The second quarter saw more of the same. Tomb, who won every face-off, went charging for goal. 'Don't shoot, pass it on' cried coach Justin. Tomb, ever the obedient player, promptly ignored him and fired anyway, blasting the ball into the bottom left corner. 'What do I know' was Justin's comment.

HM became more and more frustrated, despite having a large squad they couldn't find a way to get past Timperley. Our boys were clearly fitter and just kept going. Final score Timperley 7 - Heaton Mersey 4.

Overall this was a very good result. The boys are a very strong team and play well together. A few loose passes to clear up, but other than that a very good win. Next Saturday sees the boys at home against Sheffield - they will be wanting to get revenge for their defeat in the final of the 6-a-side - should be a good game.

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