Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Timperley Boys U14s Match Reports


A STONKING VICTORY on Saturday against SMG 24-3 win for us – well done lads!

Thanks to Adam Ledger for stepping in as Goalie – a great performance Adam!

4 goals for Lucas most of them assisted by Simon Briggs – a great duo!
1 for Josh B
2 for Simon Briggs with assists from Pick and Alex Winton
1 for Charlie Edwards
2 for James Hackett
2 for Joe Harris assisted by Freddie
1 for Will Hawthorn assisted by Tim Nicol
3 for Harry Mann
2 for Tim Nicol with an assist from Harry
1 for Tom Roberts – a great scoop into the back of the net
2 for Nathan
3 for Alex with assists from Tim, James and Charlie

An 'interesting' match against Wilmslow as we had to loan half a team to them for a decent match to be had! Despite Alex and Joe doing their honourable bit in scoring whilst they were starring on the Wilmslow team, Timperley came through with a 13 - 7 win.
Timperley scorers as follows;
4 goals for Mr Winton,
3 for the He Mann,
2 for Lucas and
1 a piece for Charlie Legs, Mr Hackett, Grady and Tim Nicol.
Decent goalying and defence from the team at the back. Stronger performances in the third and particularly the last quarter secured our success. A big thankyou to a all players who played on the Wilmslow team, it was important to have a balanced match rather than call off the game and win on a forfeit.

Our first draw 7 – 7!

Well a serious battle was had on Saturday with our first real challenge from a revitalised and stronger WACS team. Sure, there were a couple of dispensations on their team and we didn’t have our usual coaches – but a good effort was made by all. Many thanks for a great job done by Tim Blower who was our stand in coach – everyone had good time on the pitch and as I said we were rewarded by some really good play. The only reason we didn’t win was that we let them through our defence a few times and they scored on each occasion – the only blot on an excellent defensive game by Charlie, James, Joshua and James in goal. And up front, despite some excellent play, we hit the post, just missed to the side & over their goal – but good goals from:
Harry Mann (4),
Tim Nicol (1) &
Alex Winton (2) – and we mustn’t forget the excellent but frustratingly disallowed goal from Freddie who scooped the ball into the back of the net after a number of saved shots from our attackers – I had it down as a goal but alas this was not to be!

Great Result against Sheffield on Saturday: 14 – 1 WIN!

On the whole a good match from all concerned with a clean sheet being maintained until the last quarter – well done James & the defence.
First quarter saw goals from:
Joe, Tim and Alex
Second quarter – Josh B, Harry (3) and Alex again
A quieter third quarter with just the 2 from Alex and then Freddie, Josh B again, James H and Alex taking the score to 14.
Good assists were noted from Simon, Charlie, Joe, Josh P (2), Pick and Alex – well done chaps!

Only downer on the game was a period of poor ball handling but as the opposition wasn’t that strong – you got away with it but be warned we cannot afford to have issues like this against stronger teams!

Great result against B & E on Saturday - well done team!

17 - 3 WIN

Pick (2), Freddie (2) & Nathan (1) - well done for getting on the score sheet for the first time this season and good scoring again from Alex (8), James H (1) and Joe (3). Some really good play up front but also midis covering well and, with only 3 goals against us, good defending from our defence and sound goal saves by James.
(I hope to be able to start recording assists from next Saturday!)

Afternoon All,
Well done – Great result on Saturday

For Timeperley:

James Hackett 1 goal
Joe Harris 1 goal
Harry Mann 4 goals
Alex Winton 6 goals

Poynton 5 goals

A good performance by all and a good win to start the formal season off!

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