Saturday, 21 November 2009

U12B 7-7 Norbury

By David Shuttleworth
On Saturday we played 2 quarters of excellent lacrosse and led 5-2; a quarter of OK lacrosse and led 7-2. At ¾ time I commented that we could only lose the game from here because we were seemingly in control. However we put together a very poor final quarter and very nearly achieved my prediction.
In sport and particularly in team sports you often learn more from when you play badly so from Saturday the lessons are;
Concentrate when you are in defence (Defencemen and Middies) - every player needs marking – particularly the one with the ball (and particularly when we have conceded a penalty.)
Keep up the intensity on the ground balls. That is what wins matches and usually we are really good at this part of the game.
Remember to keep our passing game going particularly in attack.

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