Saturday, 14 November 2009

U12B 4-10 Oldham

This B team has been unbeaten for a number of weeks, which is an almost unheard of state of affairs and they went into this game with high hopes of adding another scalp to their tally of wins.
Oldham proved a tough team to crack, and aided by a player or two with a dispensation, they dominated the face off and really had control of most of the game. Timperley battled hard all over the pitch but Oldham just seemed to have more conviction in front of goal, and this is reflected in the final score.
Thanks to the two volunteers who went in goal during the morning - it is never easy to do for the first time. Also thanks to Rory Sanborn for stepping in and refereeing, and to all the parents who helped and supported during the morning.
As the A team manager, it was good to watch the B team play a game. This team acts as a feeder to the A team and players can gain match experience away from the pressure and high expectations that playing on the A team brings. From what I saw today some of the players on this team could step in and do a job on the A team now, and will certainly be in the mix next season. Keep it up boys.

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