Sunday, 6 March 2011

U16s Nationals, Great Malvern Sunday 6th March

We arrived at our destination in Great Malvern to be told that the U16s were relocating to Mavern College 5 mins away - so off we went and the tournament got underway about an hour late.

Our first match was against the old rivals, Brooklands. We went 1 (JC) up but in the last minute Brooklands managed to equalise.

Next was Reading, a good 2-0 win with Alex scoring along with Jack.

Our third match was against our friends from t'other side of Pennines, Sheffield - and unfortunately they beat us 2-0 despite a stronger performance from Timperley than yesterday. Following Shutt's getting one up on the delightful Sheffield coach yesterday, Craggie added to this today, so 2-0 up to TLC for pitchside banter (however let's move this success onto the pitch next time!)

Next was a 4-0 win over SMG with Jack, Tim, Alex and Dan scoring followed by a 4-1 win over Rochdale with Jack, Tim and Dan scoring again.

As we neared the end of the tournament we came up against Welwyn and sadly lost 2-1 with Tim scoring.

This marked the end of the tournament for Timperley as Sheffield played Welwyn in the final - where Sheffield won.

Thanks to everyone for making the effort to come to Malvern and well done to the U16 players who showed improved form, better teamwork and with further work and training - the potential to achieve more this season. A big thank you to Craggie too for stepping in as coach. Cameron also did well as captain, good effort. Nathan did a cracking job in goal and Jack was top scorer and finally Tim continues to make that bit of extra commitment that makes all the difference.

Now onto next Saturday - our Semi at Mellor; let's build on the progress made today and do ourselves proud. So we need a committed training session on Wednesday followed by a strong show of us at our best on Saturday.

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