Saturday, 26 March 2011

Last game of the season U16s vs Brooklands Sat 26th March.

Well - our old rivals in the last game of the season. Brooklands were out to regain their honour after losing to Sheffield in the semi finals - no better way than to defeat Timperley - the other Flags finalists!

Timperley however had their own plans! If we could beat Brooklands we could enter the Flags final with more confidence in the belief we could beat the Yorkshire Puddings!

Jack Cox got the all important opener, followed by Alex Winton, Myles and then Jack again; 4-0 up at the end of the first quarter with Timperley playing a tight, skillful and disciplined game - the best possible start.

Quarter 2 saw Brooklands pull one back and Toby getting Timperley's 5th making the score 5-1.

The third quarter got the pulse going with Brooklands getting 2 more goals but valiantly Timperley increased their score by 3 more goals thanks to Alex, Jack and Myles. This quarter saw the goal of the game with Cameron assisting Myles in a beautiful 1 : 2 move and then Barney made the save of the game after leaving the goal and an awkward cross goal clearance which was intercepted - Barney returned to save the Brooklands shot like a bat out of hell! What a match. 8-3 the end of quarter score.

Final quarter and would Brooklands mount a come back....I think not, despite pulling 2 more back, Jack Cox added his 4th making the final triumphant score 9-5. What a win, well done lads!

Training next 2 Wednesdays and grass training next 2 Saturdays.

With this training and the improved confidence after today's match - we will enter the flags final in the best possible position - Start believing the WIN boys - you can do it!

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  1. Nice hype,
    Congratulations on your victory.
    However *Coughs* 21-4
    Over and out the Yorkshire puddings(witch coincidently are quite nice and always rise to the top).