Saturday, 5 March 2011

Sat 5th March: U16s away at Sheffield

Not good! In fact our worse match by far this season! Final Score 21-4.
Goals: Toby x1 / Alex x1 / Tim x2.

After a rally at the end of Q1, we saw an appalling Q2 and there isn't much else to report on, other than I think we were all glad when the final whistle blew.

So now to the Nationals tomorrow in Malvern.........I think the wisest thing to offer is that we should forget today, draw a line and move on!

I know we have a good team that can work effectively together and display good skills. If we can regain these for tomorrow along with a more positive mental attitude, we stand a very good chance of retaining the trophy that we won last year.

So here's to Malvern and fresh starts!

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