Saturday, 12 March 2011

U12A 5-1 Poynton CUP SEMI FINAL [12th Mar]

"Offense sells tickets; Defense wins championships"
[Dave Thorson - an American high school basketball coach]

Never was this more true than today. By keeping our opponents to one goal almost guaranteed the win, regardless of how we played offensively.

It was tough for the spectators today as we had our second testing match against Poynton in a week. We put in a stuttering offensive performance, but the defensive unit of Matthew Stewart, Harun Wasim, Dan Walker and Pat Sugden played an absolutely immense game of lacrosse that almost earned a shut out for Timperley, and ensured that we progressed to our second consecutive Onondaga Cup Final. After numerous games where the defence has rarely seen the ball, today they stepped up and made the semi final win possible.

Poynton had a game plan and stuck to it well - from the start they decided to go for damage limitation, and played a stifling, smothering game in which they were totally intent on stopping us from playing. Our opponents approach, which took advantage of their tiny pitch, meant that the normally free wheeling and high scoring Timperley game never got going as we struggled to find space and time to play. The team did play solidly and although it was not pretty, there was never much doubt that it was going to be the Timperley parents reaching for the sat nav for another trip to Rochdale for the final.

Well done boys - a win is a win at any level of lacrosse and we now have four weeks to prepare for the final against Stockport. It should be a good weekend as we join the U16 at the Flags Festival.

Cox 2, Callaghan 1, Robins 1, Kinghorn 1

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