Sunday, 30 January 2011

Sat 29th Jan Timperley U16s vs Sheffield

One of the best matches for a while - good competition from one of the best teams we play. Unfortunately we lost 5-3 but it could have easlity been a draw or even a win.
Q1 Sheffield went 2-0 up
Q2 we pulled back 2 (Ged & Nathan) but Sheffield got 2 further goals 4-2
Q3 Toby scored a belter and we were almost level 4-3
Q4 saw Sheffield pull one back resulting in final score 5-3
We failed to score a number of times, lost posession more than we should have - so we essentially gave the game away. A useful match and I have no doubt that we could beat them next time if we come across them in the cup.

Training as normal Wednesday

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