Saturday, 22 January 2011

2nd Round Cup away vs Oldham / Ashton Sat 22 January 2011

After 2 easy-going 'friendlies' over the last 2 weeks the cup round was finally here. Off we went to Ashton with the anticipation of a competitive game that would put us more to the test.

As things turned out, it was more a test of self discipline and restraint rather than skilled lacrosse.

Before we took to the field, it was clear that this hybrid opposition side was taller and chunkier than us - how would this size advantage manifest itself?

Well it was soon apparent that it wasn't going to be much of a challenge with regard to lacrosse but perhaps our temprament would be more than tested?!

We made a steady start, initially defending and then moving onto the attack and it wasn't long before we scored. The Ashton No 15 seemed to steamroller his way into the heart of the action and it was soon clear it was going to be a physical game! Q1 ended 3-0 up to Timperley.

Q2 saw the lead extend to 7-0 with James Smethurst making a good save when Ashton made a rare break. Ashton continued to employ questionable tactics including deliberate trips, pushes from behind and uncontrolled slashing. So far Timperley were holding their cool against the odds!

Q3 sadly saw things turn nasty with an exclusion penatly being award to Ashton's No. 9 after fists were thrown at Nathan. Nathan managed to hold back (well done!) and the No. 9 got his dues with a 3 match ban. Timperley extended their score to 11 with Barney making an important save maintaining our clean sheet.

4 more Timperley goals took the final score to 15-0 and true to form, Ashton managed a second exclusion penalty when their No.8 player launched his lacrosse stick towards an unsupecting Timperley player!

Myles was top scorer x6 goals with x3 assists from Cameron & x2 from Tim and 1 from Jack
Tim was runner up with x3 goals with x1 assisted by Toby
Jack got x2 goals with x1 assisted by Joe
Toby got x2 goals
Harry and Nathan got x1 goal a piece with Toby assisting Harry

A good performance from Timperley against an opposition team who didn't perform well and exhibited poor discipline and manners that spoiled the game. Well done to the Timperley team for keeping their cool, focussing on the lacrosse and secured a solid victory. Shame on Ashton/Oldham!

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