Saturday, 12 December 2009

U12A 20-3 Wacs

Onondaga Cup First Round - the most important game of the season so far.
Before the game started Nelly painted a picture to the team, that this was the Onondaga Cup, and that the big prize at the end is a game at Flags Weekend, watched by a big crowd, with a trophy and medals at stake. The boys need to keep this in mind, because this team can go all the way - they have to believe in themselves and want to do it. Timperley U12 last won the Onondaga in season 2006/7 so it is time to deliver again. Nelly, Rory and myself want the boys to win – they have all got to want to win too.

During this half term we have, at times, played some excellent lacrosse, most notably in the wins against Sheffield, Brooklands and Wilmslow. The first half of today’s game was on the same level as any of those performances, as we outpassed and outclassed a determined Wacs team.

The first quarter was close – Wacs always compete well and we were only 4-2 up at end of the first quarter. It was in the first 5 minutes of the second quarter that I felt the game was decided, as our top string midfield of Oli Loveland, Oliver Crosby and James Prickett outgunned Wacs and put us a further four goals to the good. Half time was 11-2 with eight of the goals being assisted – great stuff. The third quarter saw the boys relax somewhat and the passing wasn’t as crisp, and the scoring turned to individual efforts as we put another 5 on the scoreboard. Our opponents were not giving up and threatened at times, but Matthew Stewart and his defence kept them at bay. The fourth quarter saw most of the team making contributions as the scoring was spread around, with the result that for the first time this season all the midfield and attack scored in the same game. Notably, Tom Cox, now playing midfield, had his best performance of the season and is really starting to enjoy his new role.

Scorers were
O Loveland 6 (+2 assists), Cox 5, Hirst 2, E Loveland 2 (+1), Hunn 1 (+2), Prickett 1 (+2), Townsley 1, Walker 1 (+2), Crosby 1 (+1).

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