Saturday, 5 December 2009

U12A 19-0 Rochdale

Following the excitement of last week's win against Brooklands we were a bit flat for this game, but given that this Rochdale team is a shadow of their all conquering team from 2008/9 we still managed to win easily.
A focussed coaching session on Wednesday led to a good performance from the attack. We had much better shape on the fast break with the boys more sure of their positions. I reckon that both Joe Hunn and Sam Hirst had their best performances of the season. The next improvement for the team is to get our positions sorted on settled attack play.
The defence is also good for a mention, as they had their first clean sheet of the season in a proper game.

Quarterly scores were 5-0 (getting the game won), 2-0 (lack of passing), 5-0 (better team play) and 7-0 (goal avalanche with good passing) giving the final score of 19-0.

Goal scorers were
Hunn 4 (or 5 if he is claiming the one the goalie knocked into the goal), O Loveland 4, E Loveland 4, Hirst 1, Walker 2, Crosby 1, Cox 1, Harris 1 (defensive dart up the pitch).

Next week is the first round in the Onondaga Cup, against Wacs at home.

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