Sunday, 25 October 2009

U16 'B' 7 - 10 Oldham/Rochdale : Saturday 24th October

Only 6 players this week on the B team, and considering we were also playing against 2 clubs, this should really be treated like a victory !!!

Thanks have to go to the opposition who were happy to loan us some players and then play 8-a-side. It's not easy to play with guys you've never met before, but the whole team just got on with the job with a hunger for victory. Ged got his wish of playing short stick middie for the whole game, but was severly hampered by the fact that he had to use my stick. However, he bagged one early goal. In fact, that's the only goal my stick's scored this season ! Four more goals were scored in the first half by us, while DP, Jonny & Barney held off the opposition attack well only conceding 3 goals. Winning at half time.

We suffered a couple of small injuries in the 2nd half which slowed us down and allowed the Old-dale combo to take the lead. DC & Michael B (who bagged 4 goals in all) then worked tirelessly to pull us back to 7-7 all. Sadly, in the end, it proved not quite enough as the larger squad proved less tired, and prevailed with some late unanswered goals.

Fantastic effort by all the players. If we can get this close with only 6 players, then we're gonna get quite a few victories this season when we have the full 10 !!! Roll on next week .....

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