Monday, 26 October 2009

U12 results so far.......

The U12A has started the season very well, reaching the October half term with a 100% winning record.
The results are as follows:
Rochdale 5-2
Heaton Mersey 17-0
Mellor 23-4
Ashton 5-1
Wilmslow 7-2
Sheffield 17-11
Wacs 18-2

The U12B began slowly but has posted some great results in recent weeks.
HM Guild 1-3
Wilmslow 1-5
Stockport 1-3
Rochdale 1-1
Poynton 2-1
Norbury 5-1
Ashton 9-4
Stockport 15-0

We have two settled squads of boys, but, promisingly, there looks like there could well be some B team players pushing for a place on the A team.

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